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Graphic Design

Graphic Design, also known as visual communication, is the practice of creating visual and textual content to communicate ideas and experiences to a specific audience. The form includes images, words and/or graphics and can be physical or virtual. Designers create in the commercial, cultural or political realm. Loyola Graphic Design program focuses on projects that align with the Jesuit mission of making the world a better place. Students will learn the process of design from sketching and conceptualizing, to producing a final product. Graphic Design students will explore analog methods (drawing, hand lettering screen printing, letterpress) and digital methods using adobe creative suite. Students are able to combine both methods to create unique solutions for a wide range of audiences. 

After sophomore year, students either remain in the Graphic Design Degree or apply to be part of the Interactive Degree. Students who remain in the Graphic Design Degree go on to take upper level design courses that include Socio-Political Design, Digital Illustration, Design Photography, Printmaking, and other elective courses.

Senior Capstone Show

All Design students culminate their course of study by participating in the show before graduating from the program
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