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Jesus in front of Holy Name of Jesus Church

Create a more just and humane world

Critical minds create freedom

That's what our Jesuit vision teaches us. When you examine attitudes, challenge assumptions, and analyze motives, you find deeper meaning. With love-filled and faith-filled decisions, you make this world better for everyone.  


and Honors

Inside of Holy Name

Connect to our mission and ministry

Whether you're looking for group worship or one-on-one guidance, our Jesuit identity creates a wealth of opportunities for our students to live their faith.

Jesuit Social Research Institute

Transform the Gulf South through research and advocacy.

Worship and Church Services

Attend mass and other church services on campus.

Ministry Programs

Join our welcoming environment, and take advantage of supportive services.

University Chaplain

Meet the ones connecting faith, education, and service at Loyola.

Volunteer in Riverton City

Volunteer Services

Follow your calling to go above and beyond for our community.

View of Holy Name Christ

Events and Ministry

See when and where to get involved.