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Playing an acoustic guitar

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Music Therapy

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote, "Music is the universal language of human kind."

It heals us. We listen to it, and we feel — nostalgia, happiness, curiosity. What better way is there to impact the world with your artistic vision than to use that healing power to help another person?

When it comes to therapies that promote wellness, alleviate pain, manage stress, and more, music is one of the best. And when it comes to music therapy programs, Loyola’s was one of the first. Founded in 1957, it’s an endorsed education program of the American Music Therapy Association, Inc.

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Music Therapy

Our program will sharpen your musical abilities and give you hands-on training to help you harness your talent into something that promotes wellness, alleviates pain, manages stress and handicaps, and aids development in others. The world needs people like you, and Loyno is dedicated to giving you the training you need to make an impact. Designed for students who would like to work with clients with developmental disablities and autism, as well as older adults and those with psychiatric issues or needing physical rehabilitation.

Music Therapy

Graduate and Online Programs

Now offered online, Loyola’s renowned music therapy program prepares students to excel in the field with advanced clinical, supervisory, and methodological knowledge. An on-campus graduate with equivalency degree is also available.

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Ready for your audition?

Some programs require a prepared piece or demonstration of skills before you’re accepted. See what you’ll need to begin.