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Transfer Students

The Department of Student Life and Ministry is constantly putting forth the effort to provide a more equitable experience for transfer students, starting with the transition into student life by participating in New Student Programs and continuing through matriculation with student organization programming. It is our hope that transfer students find their fit within the Pack!

Krewe Leader Coordinators: Micaela Bradley & Crystal Roa

The transition into student life at Loyola starts with New Student Programs. Students are placed into Krewes where a Krewe Leader is responsible for providing the group with as much information as possible that will assist with the transition. Transfer students are assigned to a Krewe that is specific to transfer students and is led by two Krewe Leader Coordinators, Micaela Bradley and Crystal Roa. Should you have any questions about transitioning into student life at Loyola, don't hesitate to reach out to these resourceful students.


New this semester is Loyola's Association for Transfer Students (LATS). LATS is designed support the academic and co-curricular needs of transfer students, assist with the acclimation to the Loyola University transfer student environment, and enhance and promote the transfer experience. If you are interested in joining LATS, reach out to President Alyssa Hughes, or Dale Hall.

Most recently, Loyola partnered with Nearpeer! Nearpeer is an engagement software for networking and connecting, fostering inclusion, building community, and inspiring social fit. In Nearpeer there is a special group that was designed just for transfer student to connect and engage! Download the Nearpeer app so you can begin to find fellow transfer students to connect with while you are here. Go to to create your profile using your Loyno email address.
Once you get your confirmation email, complete your profile, and then download the app to log in from your phone. Make sure you include a bunch of interests when you build your profile and say a little something in the "bio" field.