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Music is a language

Music Composition

Music speaks to everyone in a language unto itself. Expressing its technical and emotional power takes fluency in the art and science of composition.

The Music Composition program will give you the knowledge to share your musical
voice freely, clearly, and confidently.

You’ll develop fundamental knowledge—control of melody, harmony, rhythm, and form—and learn to articulate musical ideas through analog and digital synthesis, recording technologies, songwriting, and yes, jazz composition. (This is New Orleans, after all.)

By graduation, you’ll have a deft grasp of the compositional tools you need to express
the nuances of music, and to share your sound and vision with fellow performers,
audiences, and the world.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Bachelor of Music in Composition

We strongly emphasize the development of fundamental tools—control of melody, harmony, and form— but we also make courses available in analog and digital synthesis, recording technologies, jazz composition, and songwriting. That way, you graduate with not just a realized artistic voice but also a way to capture and share it.



Some programs require a prepared piece or demonstration of skills before you’re accepted. See what you’ll need to begin.

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