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Chips and salsa

Tasty, convenient, and stress-free!


Loyola Dining Services provides nutritious meals at several campus locations.

Meal plans are built to provide students healthy food as well as the flexibility to grab a bite on the go. Loyola Dining Services allows even greater flexibility and value to student meal plans by allowing Loyola students to use their meal plan and Wolf Bucks at dining locations at Tulane University.

Meal Plan Requirement

Currently, first-year and sophomore students living on campus must carry a weekly meal plan. Upperclass students (Junior standing and above) living on campus must carry at least a $500 Wolf Bucks Only plan, and may choose any higher plan at their option. Commuter students have the option to choose from any meal plan or Wolf Buck increments.

Loyola University Dining Services partners with Tulane University to provide reciprocal dining privileges for students, faculty and staff to use their Wolfbucks and meal plans at all locations on both campuses. In addition to offering you a variety of 25 dining options, we are constantly seeking out new trends, fun ingredients and innovative healthy preparation techniques in the quest to consistently serve great-tasting food.

All new undergraduate students admitted in Fall 2016 or later and all current students living in on-campus housing are required to participate in the Loyola Dining Program. All of the afore mentioned students must carry a meal plan through graduation.

Students and Sodexo staff at Farm Market


  • Add Wolf Bucks
  • Purchase a meal plan
  • Change My Meal Plan (Change period for fall meal plans is through August 2 and the 1st two weeks of the semester only. Spring plan changes are for the first two weeks of the semester only.)

Wolf Bucks & Meal Plans for Faculty and Staff