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Second-Degree Students

Let's get started — again.

Ready for round two? Loyola University New Orleans welcomes students that have already earned an undergraduate degree but would like to return to school to earn a second undergraduate degree in a different area. Please review the options below to determine which application you should complete for admission.

If you are a Loyola graduate and would like to earn a second undergraduate degree from Loyola, complete the Loyola application as a re-admit student.

If you did not previously attend Loyola and earned your undergraduate degree elsewhere,
complete the Loyola application as a transfer student 

Admission Requirements

Students must submit transcripts from all previous institutions attended. We require students to be in good standing with their previous institution and have an overall GPA of a 2.5 or better.

In lieu of the traditional writing sample, please include a “statement of intentions and goals” outlining your rationale for earning a second degree and what you hope to gain from your education at Loyola. Please note: applicants that are interested in earning a second degree that is the same type of degree as their first one [e.g. you have a Bachelor of Arts and would like to earn a second one] must address this special circumstance in your personal statement.

Admission Requirements

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Students seeking a second undergraduate degree are not eligible for institutional merit- based scholarships. Applicants should submit the FAFSA and consult with the Office of Financial Aid to determine their eligibility for need-based aid.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

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