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2020/21 Graduate Tuition & Fee Schedule


Graduate: Fall/Spring Summer 2020
Business Administration (On Campus) $ 1,005/Hour $ 1,005/Hour
Counseling $   818/Hour $   818/Hour
Criminal Justice $   818/Hour $   818/Hour
Music $   818/Hour $   818/Hour
Nursing1 $   818/Hour $   818/Hour
Teaching $   409/Hour $   409/Hour
Loyola Institute for Ministry $   409/Hour $   409/Hour
Doctorate: Fall/Spring Summer 2020
Nursing1 $     818/Hour $     818/Hour

 1 Nursing Clinical Practicum Fee $500/Course in addition to tuition


Full Time2
Part Time2
Summer 2020
University General Fees $792/Semester $412/Semester $ 81.50
Graduation Fee $311.00 $311.00 $311.00
Lab Fee Varies/per course Varies/per course Varoes/per course

2 Fees are assessed at the full time rate to undergraduate students enrolled in 12 or more hours; law students enrolled in 9 or more hours; and graduate and doctoral students enrolled in 6 or more hours.

 Residence Halls

Double3 Single3
Biever Hall $3,814/Semester $4,937/Semester
Buddig Hall $3,814/Semester $4,937/Semester
Cabra Hall Apartments $4,572/Semester $4,961/Semester
Carrollton Hall Suites $3,945/Semester $4,937/Semester
Carrollton Hall Apartments $4,572/Semester $4,961/Semester
Alder Hotel (Fall 2020 Only) $4,600/Semester $5,000/Semester

3 Residence Council fee for each semester $30