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College Work-Study Funds

Payment Procedures

Work-study payment procedures are designed to provide students with the ultimate flexibility in handling their work-study funds. Whether you intend to keep your paychecks or use the earnings to help pay for your education, one of the options below will be right for you.

Options to receive earnings:

PAYROLL DEDUCTION – 100% of your net check, after taxes, will be deducted. Student Finance will post the deduction to your student account to reduce the balance you owe Loyola. If you reduce your balance to zero, you may request the Student Finance to notify Human Resources to stop the deduction and paychecks will follow, unless you then sign up for Direct Deposit. You will be expected to pay your student account balance less expected earnings for the semester by the due date.

DIRECT DEPOSIT – Earnings can be electronically deposited to your bank in your checking or savings account. If you choose direct deposit, it is your responsibility to pay your entire tuition balance up front. Failure to do so may result in the late payment penalty assessment of $250.

RECEIVE A PAYCHECK – Paychecks will be distributed from the department where you work. If you have an outstanding balance with Loyola, it is your responsibility to pay either the entire balance, or the full amount less the expected work-study earnings for that semester, by the due date. If you choose to pay the reduced amount, you are required to claim your paycheck from your employing department and deposit it with the Bursar's Office on each payday Friday or the Monday immediately following.

All students are required to:

Balances on the student account that will not be covered by work-study earnings must be paid by the due date. Failure to pay the balance by the published deadline may result in the assessment of the $250 late payment penalty fee. Students who reduce their balance by the expected work-study earnings are required to pay the difference by the due date to avoid the penalty fee. Failure to complete the total number of assigned hours may also affect the entire award package and the ability to obtain work-study awards in future semesters. If you feel you will have difficulty completing the total number of hours awarded, please discuss this with the Office of Student Employment at 504-864-7896 early in the semester.

It is the responsibility of the student to keep records of the number of hours worked and remaining to be worked and the corresponding dollar value of those hours. It is also your responsibility to determine if you have any outstanding balance on your student account. If so, remember, if you did not choose the payroll deduction option, you must deposit your paychecks with the Bursar’s Office by Monday after each payday.

If you have questions about your student account, please contact the Office of Student Finance:

If you have questions about your job assignment or the number of hours remaining, please contact the Office of Student Employment:

The current Work-Study Payroll Schedule can be viewed on the HR website