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Pianist and vocalist on stage performing

Find Your Voice

Vocal Performance

Find your Voice

For over 65 years, Loyola’s School of Music has trained vocalists to perform in major opera houses and concert halls all over the world. Within The School of Music, you’ll hone your voice, studying with Loyola’s artist faculty, who perform professionally and have extensive backgrounds in the music field.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

With voice as their primary instrument, students can pursue almost any degree in the School of Music from Vocal Performance to Music Therapy.

Bachelor of Music - Vocal Performance

For enhancing skills and bringing them to a professional level, there’s no better way than private study.

Bachelor of Music

Bachelors in Music: Jazz Studies

Our students have the opportunity to perform their craft in a city known worldwide for it. A favorite stop for Grammy-winning musicians, Loyno is your first step toward becoming one of the greats.

Jazz Studies

Bachelor of Music in Composition

We strongly emphasize the development of fundamental tools but also make courses available in analog and digital synthesis, recording technologies, jazz composition, and songwriting.

Music Composition

Music Industry Studies

This degree is designed to immerse you in the world of the music industry from your very first semester.

Music Industry Studies


Graduate Degree Programs

Master of Music in Music Performance (Vocal or Instrumental)

For enhancing skills and bringing them to a professional level, there’s no better way than private study.

Master of Music Performance 


Minor in Music (Vocal or Instrumental)

Our minor is excellent for students with an active music background interested in continuing their studies and private lessons.

Minor in Music 

Elective Studies

In addition to intensive study in music theory, music history, and solo and ensemble performance, students in this program complete a minor, or even a second major in another field. This can prepare you for a career in music—but it also offers you the flexibility to go onto medical and law school.

Bachelor of Arts in Music with Elective Studies

Ready for your audition?

Some programs require a prepared piece or demonstration of skills before you’re accepted. See what you’ll need to begin.

A look (and a listen).

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Student with young child playing the marimba

Music Education

A music teacher possesses a love of music and the desire to help others experience that connection.

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Music Therapy

What better way is there to impact the world with your artistic vision than to use that healing power to help another person?