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Spring 2021: Foreign Languages and Study Abroad

Subject line: Expand your Cultural Competency 🌎

Sent: December 2

Learning a foreign language requires more than a mastery of conjugation—by immersing yourself in another culture, you can develop global skills that are indispensable in today’s modern workforce. 

The Department of Languages and Cultures can help you reach a level of competency in a foreign language that broadens your worldview and allows you to clearly and openly exchange ideas and opinions with people of other cultures. 

French and Spanish

If you had French and/or Spanish in high school, then you'll need to take the Loyola language placement exam. It is important that you take this as soon as possible, before you arrive on campus, so we can place you into the appropriate level of language.

Take the Test Online 

Latin and Ancient Greek

Did you take Latin while in high school? How about ancient Greek? Are you thinking about going to law school or medical school? Latin and Greek fulfill your language requirement and help you prepare for your future. If you took at least two years of either language, you should consider taking the Latin or Greek placement exam.

Learn more about Classical Studies at Loyola.


Contact Dr. Karen Rosenbecker at or by phone at 504.865.3844.

German and Italian

Have you studied German or Italian? For these languages, we do not test, but you will interview with a professor when you arrive for the semester.  

For more information, please visit the placement testing website.

Language Requirements

Have a plan for your field of study? Language requirements vary depending on your chosen major. If you’re still exploring majors, we recommend that you take the language placement test in case you would like to continue studying that same language.

Language Requirements at Loyola

How Does my Advisor Know How to Place Me?

On the basis of these placement tests, you may be exempt from the language requirement or placed in an appropriate level course for continued study. No credit is awarded for performance on placement tests. No matter what your placement, you may always start studying a new language! 

  • A score of 4 or 5 on a CEEB Advanced Placement exam fulfills the requirement and gives credit for a 201 course (Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, or Spanish). 
  • Students who receive AP credit in French or Spanish and wish to continue studying that language may choose a 300 level course to take.   

Study Abroad at Loyola

Do you want to study your foreign language where it is natively spoken? Loyola Study Abroad programs offer immersive language learning experiences—you can live and learn your language for a summer, a semester, or longer! For more general information about Study Abroad programs, please visit

Lagniappe: Listen to the “Flights, Late Nights, and Hindsights” podcast to hear from current students about their travel abroad experiences.


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