Language Requirements at Loyola

Placement + 1:  A common requirement is one we refer to as “placement + 1.”  This means that you take the level course you place into plus one additional semester through the fourth-semester language class, 201.

No requirement:  A number of programs do not have a language requirement, but students may count the credits towards their elective coursework.

Here are the language requirements by College:

Humanities:  All major programs have a placement + 1 requirement.

Natural Sciences:  Psychological Sciences have a placement + 1 requirement, however Psychology Pre-Health has no language requirement.  Mathematics has  placement + 1 requirement.  Students in sciences and math may choose to use programming languages to fulfill the language requirement. 

College of Social Sciences: Criminology and Sociology programs have a placement + 1 requirement.

College of Business: International Business:  study of a language through the 201 level.