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Analyze. Reflect. Act.

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Classical Studies

The Examined Life.

The Jesuit tradition demands that students develop critical thinking above all else. Like Socrates, it demands that we walk through life not unexamined—but that we analyze and reflect before and after acting. This tradition of unshakeable discernment is but one way in which Loyola’s Department of Classical Studies meets and exceeds the developmental needs of its students.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Classical Studies

A degree in classical studies lays the foundation for further study or professional work in any field. Law and medicine particularly benefit from the critical and analytical skills imparted by the program, but our students leave with the ability to excel in fields ranging from marketing and film to politics and government.

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Minor in Classical Studies

The Classical Studies Minor emphasizes the study of language (ancient Greek and/or Latin), along with courses in the history, philosophy, poetry, art and archaeology of the ancient world. The Classical Civilizations Minor is ideal for students who are fascinated by worlds of ancient Greece and Rome, but are planning for careers in other fields or for entry into graduate school in other disciplines.

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