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Think & Live Globally

Languages and Cultures

Sometimes when opportunity calls, it speaks another language.

When you meet someone, knowing another language gives you an additional opportunity to connect. That’s why the goal of our program is to teach more than just the appreciation of other languages, literatures, and cultures, but also to broaden perspectives and gain a better understanding of the world.

And your knowledge of these topics will give you an advantage in today’s job market.

Learning other languages is an indispensable part of individual development. As you learn new languages, you strengthen your mind in other ways — the effects of second language instruction are directly transferable to math, science, writing, and countless other skills. “Lagniappe” is a common local French-Creole phrase meaning “a little something extra,” which is exactly what you’ll enjoy by choosing a language program in a place as culturally rich and diverse New Orleans.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Languages + Cultures

Our programs are designed to train students in both the target language and the culture of those countries where the language is spoken. All of the degrees offered by our department are committed to broadening the perspective of the student and to cultivating mastery of the student's chosen language and the advantages that gives you in today’s job market.

Classical Studies



Latin American Studies

French (Teacher's Certification)

Spanish (Teacher's Certification)


Minor in Languages + Cultures

Our department offers minors in French, Spanish, Classical Studies with a concentration in classical languages, and Classical Studies with a concentration in classical civilizations. Our department also participates in the interdisciplinary minor program in Latin American Studies.

Minor in Classical Studies

Minor in French, Spanish, or Latin American Studies


See an overview of the program's curriculum and requirements.

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