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Build the next generation

Master of Arts in Teaching

Education is an exciting ever-changing profession that is built around one of the most lasting relationships ever—a teacher and his or her pupils.

Long after other people have come into our lives, most of us can remember those individuals whom we called “teacher” and the profound influence that they had on our lives.

Loyola’s sequence in secondary education prepares students to apply for certification in grades 6-12. The courses are integrated with the student’s major and general education courses. When students graduate, they will receive a degree in the major (either English [Literature or Writing], Mathematics, Language [French, Spanish, or Latin], Science [Chemistry, Physics, Biology, or Environmental Science], or Social Studies [History]), and be ready to apply for a teaching certificate from the state of Louisiana.

Programs of Study

In accordance with the requirements of the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, Loyola is approved to recommend secondary certification (grades 6-12) in the following areas:


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Top Teach for America Producer

Loyola alumni serve in schools around the nation, helping students in disadvantaged communities receive an excellent education

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