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"What's Your True Calling?"

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Choose the answer that best fits you. Be sure to keep track of which letters you've chosen, so you can see your results at the end.


Imagine there's a global pandemic. Do you:

A. Read stories and watch videos about how the disease is impacting families. Start a blog of your thoughts and ideas.

B. Analyze the charts and graphs of infection statistics. Watch the stock market ebb and flow.

C. Watch stage theatre, live concerts, and other performances. Learn a new art/design medium or create your own video/channel.

D. Comb through scientific analysis and research about the virus and calculate your own projections. Dive into and/or develop a new computer game.


You’re shipwrecked on an island. One of your first thoughts is:

A. This is going to make a great story.

B. I need a plan.

C. I’m going to write HELP ME in the sand in big letters for a plane flying overhead.

D. I’ll take inventory of what I can use from the island.


A message for you is flying on a banner behind an airplane. You:

A. Think there should be a comma after your name and before the message.

B. Wonder how much it cost.

C. Notice the font and word color choices.

D. Consider the speed of the plane and wind, and what trajectory keeps the banner upright.


You’re riding a bike and it stops working. What do you do?

A. Call a friend to explain the details of the situation before asking for help.

B. Get out the manual, identity what’s not working, and decide if you can fix it.

C. Step back to get a good view of your bike, find images of it on your phone, watch videos (perhaps a few not about fixing your bike), and fix it if you can.

D. Take the bike apart and figure out what’s not working. Put it back together most likely using your own instinct rather than a manual. If you got hurt you might get distracted checking out the wound.


If you developed an app for a smart device, the topic would be:

A. Favorite novels, reliable news sources, a new social media platform, or historical facts.

B. Items for sale, chore charts, top businesses or restaurants, or the best times to attend events.

C. Recording music or videos, editing graphics, finding performance venues, or auditions.

D. Identifying flora and fauna, a computer game, calculating environmental impacts, identifying injuries, or crime statistics.


When studying another country you are most interested in:

A. Learning the history, how the people live, and a bit of the language.

B. How the systems work like transportation or government, the money exchange rate, and the types of companies and industry.

C. The museums, theatre, architecture, film, and music — both currently and historically.

D. The landscape, climate, and types of technology available. 


"What's Your True Calling?" Quiz Results

Loyola University New Orleans

Mostly A: Aspire to Make Headlines

As someone who can start conversations, change minds, inform decisions, and shape worldviews, you are a storyteller, an influencer, a doer and a fixer. 


  • ​​​​​​Loyola’s vast array of communication skilled fields offer you hands-on learning from paper to digital and beyond to the newest communication innovations. 

  • Whether your interest is in print, broadcast, or multimedia you’ll make your voice the future. 

  • Partnerships between Loyola and New Orleans industries connect you with important networks allowing you to explore the career options and find your future. 

  • The Maroon, Loyola’s university newspaper, is ranked #5 in the country. 



Loyola offers you: Advertising, Classical Studies, English Literature, English Writing, English (Film & Digital Media), French, History, Journalism (print, online, electronic), Latin American Studies, Mass Communication, Philosophy, Public Relations, Religious Studies, Sociology, Spanish

Mostly B: Build Your Entrepreneurial  Spirit

As an entrepreneur and thought leader you're ready to invest, analyze, strategize, and change the game in the business industry.


  • At Loyola, you’ll engage in hands-on class experiences and real world intern opportunities to make an impact locally and globally. 

  • You’ll turn big ideas into big business by learning how to monetize your imagination. 

  • Creativity, innovation, and hard work thrive at Loyola and in New Orleans which is ranked #1 Brainpower City in the U.S. and the #3 Best City for Tech jobs. 

  • 100% of classes link course work to real-world experience at Loyola — that’s a difference maker.



Loyola offers you: Accounting, Business Analytics, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Exploratory Studies - Business, Finance, International Business, Management, Marketing

Mostly C: Create Something Meaningful.

As a professional artist with powerful creativity and intense observational skills, the impact of your ideas on other people and the industry will shape the world.


  • Loyola is a creative hub: a music conservatory, an art gallery, a laboratory, and a recording studio. 

  • You will learn the business of art — ways to protect your intellectual property and monetize your creativity. 

  • You’ll draw inspiration from New Orleans' rich history and diverse art scene to feed your imagination. 

  • New Orleans ranks as the #1 city for Creative Professionals and is the birthplace of Jazz.



Loyola offers you: Composition, Design, Interactive Design, Digital Filmmaking, Jazz Studies, Hip Hop and R&B, Music, Music Education, Music Industry Studies, Performance, Music Performance, Music Therapy, Music with Elective Studies, Popular and Commercial Music, Theatre Arts, Theatre Arts and Musical Theatre, Theatre Arts with a minor in Business.

Mostly D: Discover the World. Observe. Question.

You're going to redesign the world through innovative and thoughtful use of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


  • Your vision will quantify the natural world and dare to improve upon it.

  • At Loyola, you’ll find your scientific process and use it to shape the future into something better than we can imagine. 

  • Over 3400 jobs and internships with industry and specialty partners across the globe are available to Loyola students. 

  • Loyola will get you the hands-on experience you need to make your mark.



Loyola offers you: Biochemistry/Pre-Health, Biological Science, Biophysics/Pre-Health, Chemistry, Computer Information Systems, Computer Science - Game Programming or Cybersecurity, Criminology and Justice, Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Forensic Chemistry, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Physics, Pre-engineering, Pre-Nursing, Psychological Sciences/Pre-health, Public Health

A mix of letters: Entertain the Possibilities

You want hands-on experiences, preparation for a career that may not even exist yet and the critical thinking skills and creative incubation to set the world on fire or at least make a difference in your community.


  • You have a lot of interests, a lot of ideas, and are looking for a place to give your passion lift. 

  • Loyola and the great city of New Orleans will help you take your passion and launch it into a career. 

  • 85% of Loyola grads have jobs or enroll in grad school within 6 months of graduation. 

  • You’ll dream big, be inspired, develop in cutting-edge programs and get much more than a degree.


Exploratory Studies

Loyola offers you: Over 60 majors and fields of study from Accounting to Instrumental Performance and International Business to Hip Hop and R&B. Check out a full list here: All the Possibilities

More Information

This major quiz is just a fun way to offer some insight into the programs at Loyola University. The results of the quiz are completely untested and unresearched.


For truly in depth and research based surveys to guide your future, we invite you to access an online tool called Focus 2. It is a series of 5 short assessments (Work Interest Inventory, Personality Assessment, Skills, Work Values, Leisure Activities and based on the results it provides major and career recommendations. It is customized and linked to Loyola Majors.  Here is the link to the assessment. The code for access is wolfpack.


Additionally, you can set up an appointment to discuss your future with The Pan American Student Success Center. Contact your admissions counselor or directly to talk with a trained career coach.