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William Kitchens Exhibiting "Sinks and Chairs"

By Loyola University on Mon, 02/18/2019 - 14:01

January 25 - February 22

Sinks and chairs are subjects artists often turn to throughout their careers. As everyday objects they are both plentiful, varying in shape and size, and challenging in different ways. As banal objects they nevertheless carry the residue of human life within their forms, and so artists have used them as subjects to convey rich human-centered content as well as compelling media and compositional mastery. The use of sinks and chairs as primary subjects has become a thread winding its way throughout centuries of artwork. In honor of their lineage in art we set out to create an exhibition of works featuring these humble subjects. 

For this exhibit 95 artists submitted 240 works from 27 states and 3 countries, including Canada, England, and the United States. Eighteen works by the following 15 artists from 10 states were selected by a blind jury process for presentation in the gallery and inclusion in the Manifest Exhibition Annual publication.

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