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Integritas Vitae Award

The university’s annual Integritas Vitae Award is presented to a local, national, or world leader who has demonstrated the values and philosophy of a Jesuit education – namely moral character, service to others, and unquestionable integrity.

The Integritas Vitae Award is distinctive as Loyola’s recognition of an individual of outstanding character from any walk of life -- with an enhanced focus on a person whose impact is pervasive and whose character should be subject to emulation by students, alumni, and the community. The literal translation of integritas vitae is "a life of integrity."

To nominate a candidate, please complete the Candidate Nomination Form.
Nominations must be received by Sunday, June 9, 2023.

Past recipients of the Integritas Vitae Award include:

2023   Amy Cyrex Sins '98

2022   The Honorable Mary Ann Vial Lemmon, J.D. '64

2021   Edgar "Dooky" Chase, III ’71, J.D. ’83

2020   Lynn Coatney

2019    S. Derby Gisclair '73

2018    Dr. Anthony Lazzara, Jr., M.D.

2017    Drs. R. Ranney Mize and Dr. Emel Songu Mize

2016    Anne Barrios Gauthier

2015    John P. Laborde, H ’96

2014    Maria Ribando Burmaster ’88, D.D.S.

2013    Phyllis M. Taylor, H '15

2012    Sr. Imelda Moriarty*, C.C.V.I.

2011    Theodore A. Quant

2010    Frank A. France* ’49, M.Ed. ’56

2009    Tom Benson*, H ’87

2008    The Hon. Pascal F. Calogaro, Jr.*, J.D. ’54, H ’91

2007    Thomas H. '52 and Catherine B. Kloor

2006    Donna D. Fraiche, J.D. ’75

2004    Alvaro B. Alcazar, M.R.E. ’84, Ph.D.

2003    Dr. Donald C. Faust ’73

2002    The Hon. Corinne “Lindy” Claiborne Boggs*, H ’77

2001    The Hon. Maurice Edwin "Moon" Landrieu* ’52, J.D. ’54, H ’79, H ’05

2000    Rita T. Odenheimer

1999    Phil Johnson* ’50

1998    P.R. “Sunny” Norman*

1997    Dr. Ronald W. Busuttil ’67

1996    Frank B. Stewart, Jr., ad Elizabeth V. Lauricella

1994    Adelaide W. Benjamin, H ’08

1993    John F. Bricker*, H ’95

1992    Rosa F. Keller*, H ’84

1991     G. Frank Purvis, Jr.*

1990    Dr. Jack A. Andonie ’58

1989    Robert L. Howard

1988    James R. Moffett

1987    Bishop Roger P. Morin

1986    Dr. Norman C. Francis, J.D. ’55, H ’82

1985    Sr. Anthony Barczykowski, D.C.

1984    Mother Theresa of Calcutta*, H ’84

1984    Verna S. Landrieu ’54, H ’05

1983    Mrs. Martin O. Miller

1982    Francis C. Doyle*, J.D. ’44, H ’88

1981     Alden J. Laborde*, H ’96

1980    Margaret E. Lauer* ’35, H ’67

1979    Sr. Mary David Stier*, O.P.
1978    Dr. Alton Ochsner*
1977    Archbishop Philip M. Hannan*, H ’66