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Eduardo Gonzalez Loumiet ’03 is the CEO of Ruvos


Photo of Eduardo Loumiet


Eduardo Gonzalez Loumiet ’03 is the CEO of Ruvos, a Florida-based healthcare data technology company that is assisting with international COVID-19 data collection. An award-winning information technology expert, mentor, and recognized speaker, Loumiet is also an adjunct professor at Florida A&M University and Emory Rollin’s School of Public Health.

A native of Miami, Loumiet learned the value of a Jesuit education as a student at Miami’s Belen Jesuit Preparatory School. “The Belen Jesuit community helped me form many of my values, including community service, importance of education, and helping others,” he says. “I chose to attend Loyola because I thought it would be a natural extension of that environment, and it proved to be just that—from religious retreats to the overall atmosphere of helping others.”

At Loyola, Loumiet studied finance and computer information sciences and worked in the library computer lab. His favorite professor was Dr. Wing Fok, whom he remembers as being very dynamic and an important mentor in business and presentation skills.

After graduating from Loyola in 2003, Loumiet moved to Antigua to work at a Stanford International Private Bank. He earned an M.B.A. by traveling to Miami every weekend to the University of Miami School of Business before moving to Tallahassee, Florida, in 2008 to work at Ruvos. He began as a project manager and is now CEO of the company.

Ruvos specializes in healthcare technology, with a focus on cloud computing, data science, interoperability, and cyber security. It has 70 employees and operates offices in Florida and South Africa. Customers include Florida Department of Health, Association of Public Health Laboratories, Mitre, and International Society for Infectious Diseases. The company has worked with all U.S. jurisdictions and with Ministries of Health in Tanzania, Vietnam, Kenya, and Thailand as well.

In partnership with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL), Ruvos worked on several projects of national significance related to the data exchange of COVID-19 test results over the past year. They helped develop and maintain a COVID data feed from all public health laboratories and agencies to the CDC and Department of Health and Human Services. Ruvos also hosts Sara Alert, a national web-based COVID-19 self-reporting platform, and coordinates with several federal agencies on COVID immunization reporting.