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For Media

In the fight against COVID-19, Loyola University New Orleans has a number of faculty experts available to speak with media. Below is a short list. We have many outstanding faculty in our College of Nursing and Health, College of Law, College of Business, College of Music and Media and College of Arts and Sciences.

Please contact Associate Director of Public Affairs Patricia Murret at 504-352-8775 for assistance.

Higher Education and Distance Learning

President Tania Tetlow is the 17th president of Loyola New Orleans and the first woman and layperson to lead Loyola since the university was founded in 1912. She is a native New Orleanian, a former federal prosecutor and expert in domestic violence and race issues, and civically involved resident. On the university front, she can address the thinking and preparation that faced higher ed in recent weeks, quick decisions to move to online instruction (and similarities to hurricane planning!), how a small university works to keep its community closely engaged as students work remotely from all over the country, how Loyola is responding to the crisis facing New Orleans, issues facing higher education and pending federal legislation regarding relief for higher education, among other topics.

See President Tetlow interviewed in Forbes. Hear her on Louisiana Talk Radio.


Associate Professor of Criminology and Justice Dr. Kelly Frailing, Ph.D. is an expert on crime and criminal justice in disaster. She is prepared to speak about crime trends and foreseeability of crime, as well as proposed timelines, in the wake of disaster.

Professor of Practice of Criminology and Justice Ronal Serpas is the former Superintendent of Police of the City of New Orleans.  A leading criminologist and media resource, he serves as executive director of the high-profile national group Law Enforcement Leaders to Reduce Crime and Incarceration


Dean of the College of Nursing and Health Laurie Ann Ferguson, DNP, APRN, ANP-BC, FNP-C, CPNP, FAANP, FNAP is a longtime acute and clinical care nurse, with vast experience in disaster response, urban emergency rooms and rural health care (in general – and particularly in Louisiana and Mississippi.)

Assistant Professor of Nursing Toussaint Battley III, DNP, FNP-BC, APRN, is a night-shift emergency room nurse in New Orleans working on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19. By day, he is an instructor at Loyola, experienced in acute and clinical care nursing. A family nurse practitioner, Dr. Battley has worked in neuro surgery both as a first assistant in surgery and a clinician, primary care, free community clinics and the urgent care setting and currently practices in local emergency rooms across the greater New Orleans area.

Assistant Professor of Nursing Emily Eisworth, DNP, MSN, ANP-BC, FNP, APRN, is a family nurse practitioner with deep understanding of the front lines in the fight against COVID-19. As a nurse practitioner, she works at hospitals and medical centers caring for patients from beginning to end by completing a detailed assessment, providing a diagnosis, and creating a detailed health care plan for either an acute problem or preventative health measures.

Loyola nursing alumna Sophia Thomas, ’17, is president of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners and a national media resource in the fight against COVID-19. She is located here in New Orleans.

Adjunct Nursing Professor Tavell L. Kindall, RN, APRN, DNP is a board-certified family nurse practitioner. He currently works at St. Thomas Community Health Center in New Orleans, LA. He provides primary and specialty care; and education and prevention services to adolescents and adults at risk for and/or living with a wide array of infectious diseases. He serves on the Louisiana COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force.


Assistant Professor of Sociology Simone Rambotti, Ph.D. examines the effect of social inequalities on health-related outcomes utilizing a broad variety of methodological approaches, such as longitudinal analysis, multilevel modeling, and a case-oriented approach to regression analysis. He currently serves on the COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force. 


Assistant Professor of Psychology Kate Yurgil, Ph.D. teaches psychology of disaster at Loyola University New Orleans and is an expert on trauma. She has spoken about collective trauma and impact on genetics and offspring. Her research has her working specifically with wounded warriors and other victims of trauma. She has taught about impacts of Katrina and other disasters and can speak various effects, including shared bonding through collective trauma.

Assistant Professor of Psychological Sciences Elin Grissom, Ph.D. has a special focus on neuroscience. She is an expert on the physiological impacts of stress.

Associate Professor of Psychological Sciences Chuck Nichols specializes in social and personality psychology. Favorite topics include: individual well-being and factors influencing it, particularly those factors that individuals have relatively more control over and 2.) collective well-being (social, environmental, etc.) and factors contributing to thriving communities/societies, positive intergroup relations, and environmentally sustainable human behavior. At Loyola, he teaches a course on happiness.


Asia Wong, LCSW-BACS, director of Loyola’s University Counseling Center, is an expert on anxiety, stress, grief counseling and couples counseling and their impact all sorts of people, especially college students. The UCC has developed a series of anxiety management workshops for college students, Loyola’s Women’s Leadership Academy and other groups. Look to us for coping skills, self-care in a time of isolation, being social in isolation, concrete tips on increasing focus and motivation while working from home.

Dr. John Dewell, chair of Loyola’s Counseling Department and founder of the community mental health clinic at Loyola, is a clinical mental health expert and expert in family therapy; he has had great experience counseling a wide variety of clients, including at-risk youth.

Dr. LeAnne Steen, director and founder of the Play Therapy Center here at Loyola, can share parent/ caregiver tips and provide parent education to the legions of parents now home schooling their children. Some of her topics could include: anxiety in children and teens, games and coping strategies, 6 rules for families during COVID-19, facilitating cooperation, the power of play in parenting, limit setting that works, helping your child be responsible for their choices, using choices effectively in parenting,  using praise effectively, and more.


Director of the School of Communication Design Lisa Collins, a former television producer, is a digital media expert, always prepared to discuss news trends and news cycles – and the role and impact of social media.


Loyola music faculty -- particularly our music therapy faculty -- can address how music can be a source of solace, relieve anxiety or simply uplift people during times of stress. They can even get technical talking about primal needs, what happens in your visual cortex, and music's power to soothe or evoke memories. (Did you know that lullabies are written in three-beat measures?) They can also talk about "entrainment" - what happens when we listen to or perform music together - whether in a choir on in our living rooms.  And what's missing - or added - when we listen alone.

Dr. Penny Roberts, a music therapy professor at Loyola University New Orleans, is a great interview. her research specialty is music therapy and geriatrics.

Dr. Vickie Vega, currently teaches at Loyola - and works with the children's psych department at River Oaks psychiatric facility.

Dr. Janna Saslaw, professor of music theory, is another wonderful professor well-versed in these topics.


Associate Dean and Clinic Professor Davida Finger teaches the Community Justice section of the Law Clinic at Loyola.  She and her clinic students represent on cases such as: landlord-tenant, post-disaster housing, housing discrimination, and on other civil rights matters. She can address all issues related to landlord rights, tenants' rights and evictions. 

Distinguished Professor of Law Luz Molina, director of Loyola's Workplace Justice Project, is helping area residents to cope with workforce impacts caused by COVID-19.  Founded in late 2005 to meet the legal services needs of mostly immigrant low-wage workers, the WJP as its mission seeks to build resources and enforce workers’ rights, cultivating legal and economic opportunities to uphold and respect the dignity of all workers.

Distinguished Professor of Law Mitch Crusto, a Constitutional Law scholar, has recently written about Louisiana stay at home orders vis-a-vis Constitutional Law and is happy to speak on the subject.