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College of Law Alumni Board

Goals and Purpose:

  • To foster a spirit of union between the members of the alumni and thus carry into their fields of endeavor a spirit of cooperation and fellowship

  • To establish and maintain an effective relationship between the College of Law and its alumni

  • To provide a vigorous body for sustaining and promoting the growth, development and welfare of the College of Law

  • To cooperate in every reasonable way in the work of the College of Law and the activities of its students.


Current Officers


The Hon. Robin Pittman

J.D. '96

President Elect

Douglas Hammel

J.D. '00


Charles Bourque

J.D. '90


The Hon. Kern Reese

J.D. '77

Past President

Jay Ginsberg

J.D. '82

Nominating Committee Chair

Paul Fiasconaro

J.D. '82

LSBA Party        Co-Chairs

Mark Morice

Stephen Hanemann

J.D. '98

J.D. '02


Board of Directors


Amy Edmond

J.D. '99


Benjamin Saunders

J.D. '69


Brian Klebba

J.D. '98


Brigid Collins

J.D. '03


Brodie Glenn

J.D. '10


The. Hon Carl Barbier

J.D. '70


Carl Michel

J.D. '09


Darryl Foster

J.D. '75


The Hon. June Darensburg

J.D. '94


Justin Harrell

J.D. '02


Kathryn Knight

J.D. '03


Krystle Ferbos Duplessis

J.D. '10

Young Law Representative

Liz Elliot

J.D. '14


Law Alumni Board Committees


Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee consists of a chairman, the President, the immediate past president of the Association, the chairman of the Association’s Young Alumni committee, and two additional members of the Association.


Bar Convention Reception Committee

The Bar Convention Reception Committee coordinates the cocktail party held annually in connection with the annual meeting of the Louisiana State Bar Association.


Annual Luncheon Committee

The Annual Luncheon Committee coordinates the annual luncheon meeting of the Association.


Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee is chaired by the Vice President of the Association. This committee supports the University’s fundraising efforts for the College of Law, including the Annual Fund.


Young Alumni Committee

The Young Alumni Committee fosters involvement of the Young Alumni in the Association and shall address the concerns of the Young Alumni. Young Alumni include any member of the Association who has been a member for less than 10 years.


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