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Alumni Association Board of Directors

Service through Leadership

Loyola's Alumni Association Board members are strategic thinkers committed to the Alumni Association's mission. As Loyola ambassadors and liaisons between fellow alumni and the university, board members serve Loyola through their leadership and participation at alumni events, in meetings, and during fundraising campaigns.


Applications for the Alumni Association Board are accepted each spring. For additional information, please contact the Office of Alumni Engagement at or (504) 861-5454.


Meet the 2021-2022 Alumni Association Board




Shercole King '04

Past President

Ruth Katz '82


Gene Hernandez '07

Presidential Appointee

Delaney Vollmer '04, J.D. '19



Faculty Representative

Faculty Representative

Fr. Justin Daffron, S.J.

Vice-President of Mission & Identity



SGA Representative

SGA Representative

Freedom Richardson

SGA President



Committee Chairs

Membership and Awards

Gene Hernandez '07

Curt Howard, M.B.A. '83


Bea Forlano '04

Michelle Payne '06


Danielle Dayries '90

Melissa Aucoin '01


Jennifer Dyer '11

Melissa Rivera '03


At-Large Representatives

Adam Oliver '01

Alla El-Jaouhari '14, M.B.A. '16

Ann Guillory '70, M.S. '72

April Watson, J.D. '04

Barbara Cole, J.D. '83

Bea Forlano '04

Brenda Reyes-Tomassini '94

Christopher Eck '88

Claire Mooney, M.S.N. '13, D.N.P. '18

Crystal Rock '01

Curt Howard, M.B.A. '83

Cynthia Sperier '88

Danielle Dayries '90

Dana McGraw '97

Daniel Helfers '09

Delaney Vollmer '04, J.D. '19

Deon Sanders '01

Destenie Vital '01

Edward Morris Gray III '86, M.B.A. '92

Francis Giesler '08

Frank Oliveri '77

George Mentz '96, M.B.A. '98

Jennifer Dyer '07

Jill Farrell '03

John Person, J.D. '80

John Unsworth III '96

Joshua Lowe, M.P.S. '16

Kaki Johnson '11, J.D. '15

Katie Sporer '08

Kelly Smith, D.P.N. '16

Kevin Casey '98

Kyle Carpenter '10

LaToya Dequair-Thomas '11, M.B.A./J.D. '19

Laura Lee Wilkinson Wolfson '00

Leila D'Aquin, J.D. '88

Letrece Griffin '04

Linda Davis, M.S.N. '18

Marigny de Mauriac, M.S. '08

Matt Trebon '93

Meg Courtney '01

Michael M. Davis, M.Ed. '76

Nancy Lambert, J.D. '99

Paul Muth '80

Robert Allen '03

Ryan Holmes '01

Sabrina Galloway '14

Scott Davis '96

Steven Quintance, M.C.J. '13

Tabitha Mangano '06

Trent Dang '02

Troave' Profice '06

Valerie Bernard '06


Shared Interest Organization Representatives

Young Alumni Pack Board

Madeline Janney '16

College of Law Alumni Board

The Hon. Robin Pittman '91, J.D. '96


Board Resources

February 15 Meeting Packet

April 19 Meeting Packet

Board Expectations

  • Attend meetings (virtually and/or in person) and be actively involved
  • Serve on at least one of the Alumni Association's working committees and participate on at least one board project
  • Make an annual gift to Loyola University

The approximate time commitment is 3 to 5 hours per month. Board terms are two years long, and members can serve consecutive terms. The nominating committee of the Alumni Association works to ensure that the Board of Directors is representative of the diversity found at Loyola. Indicators of diversity include but are not limited to: age, gender, race, ethnicity, major, college of graduation, and degree type.