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Loyola University New Orleans Student Launches ‘the Safety Pouch’

By Loyola University on Mon, 07/06/2020 - 15:08

In the wake of global protests, a young entrepreneur tackles real-world problems with his freshman-year invention

When 18-year-old student David Price was asked in a freshman business class at Loyola University New Orleans to develop a project that would represent social change, he invented The Safety Pouch. The fluorescent orange nylon pouch allows drivers to place their driver’s license and registration safely outside the window during a traffic stop - and in recent weeks, orders have been piling up, as Price began selling his product.

“Millions of Black men everywhere worry about their safety every time they get pulled over by the police,” said Price, a New Orleans resident. “I came up with this idea because I wanted a product that would promote a safe and positive experience for both drivers and law enforcement.”

The Safety Pouch (seen here) is a document holder that stores essential driving credentials needed for traffic stops. Crafted in fluorescent orange – an international color for safety - the nylon pouch easily attaches and detaches from the car window while securing your documents inside.  During a traffic stop, you can place your drivers’ license and registration safely outside the window. When the traffic officer approaches the vehicle, the information is readily available for review. 

“The key benefit of the Safety Pouch is that it decreases the need to reach for information while the officer is in front of you ─ allowing your hands to be in sight and on the wheel,” Price said. “Another main feature of this product is that it promotes social distancing. Using the Safety Pouch decreases hand-to-hand interaction for the driver and the officer, minimizing physical contact.”

This product gives the capability of having all your driving credentials stored in one place. An added benefit is that it assists elderly and impaired drivers. These drivers could store their medical documents inside to effectively communicate any medical or physical needs to the attending officer, Price said. 

David Price is a rising sophomore studying political science at Loyola University New Orleans. During his freshman year, he and fellow students in a Business Entrepreneurship class were asked to complete a project that represents a societal change. He wanted to create something that would have a significant impact on all members of the community. Turning over ideas, at the last minute, he dreamed up the Safety Pouch.
His professor, Kate Yoo McCrery (who was named to the ‘Silicon Bayou 100’ list of tech and entrepreneurship leaders in 2018, and until last month served as the Director for Loyola’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Community Development) was so impressed with his idea that she encouraged him to make his idea into a real product. 

He started working to develop his plans, and an entrepreneurship competition was held on campus early this spring. McCrery encouraged him to enter and he won first place. His idea was so overwhelming that his professor coined him “one of the most promising entrepreneurs from Loyola University.” 

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Price.

Price used the $1,500 in wins from the business competition to begin product development and manufacturing overseas, then launched He posted his invention on social media and within two days went viral, with over 150,000 views, including views and comments from celebrities. 

Hundreds of Americans have placed orders for the SafetyPouch in recent weeks amid global protests following the death of George Floyd. The first pouches will be delivered to owners this month.