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Triple Master: Loyola University New Orleans MBA Program Goes Global

By Loyola University on Tue, 01/21/2020 - 09:55

Triple degree program allows MBA studies in New Orleans, Paris, Munich

(New Orleans – January 21, 2020) Studying in New Orleans, Paris and Munich, doesn’t that sound grand? Loyola University New Orleans joins this fall with two top European universities to launch a triple master’s degree program that allows enrolled students to attain simultaneously a Master of Business Administration (MBA), the French Diplôme Grande École and the German Master of Science in Management.

The Presidents of Loyola University New Orleans, SKEMA Business School in Paris and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich have signed a memorandum of agreement to launch the Triple Master program in 2020. The forward-thinking joint program brings innovation to the highly competitive MBA market − and exposes students to the best of each university while teaching them to deal with a changing global environment.

Participating students benefit not only from the experience of three leading economic nations, but also from numerous career services and access to large alumni networks, including contacts to thousands of companies. The curriculum is designed to ensure a sound academic education, address responsibility and sustainability in management, raise awareness for the oft-requested entrepreneurial spirit and prepare students for successful careers at management level in multinational companies.
“I am thrilled that we are partnering with these world-class institutions as we pioneer new strategies for developing tomorrow’s world business leaders,” said Loyola University New Orleans President Tania Tetlow. “In our truly global economy, this is the future of business education. Honestly, I wish I could sign up for the program.”

Students enrolled in the two-year program will take core classes at Loyola and “study abroad” at the other two universities over the course of 18 months, then write an optional thesis during a final semester. They will spend fall semester in New Orleans, spring in Paris, and summer/early fall in Munich, then complete their thesis at the location of their choice, for a total of 60 U.S. credits. (European students will complete their studies with 120 credits from the European Transfer Credit System.)

Students will spend the first semester taking core courses like financial and managerial accounting, organizational behavior and leadership, strategic marketing, managerial economics and statistics, career management, and ethics and social justice. In Paris, they will pursue advanced courses in corporate finance, innovation and entrepreneurship, international project management, strategic stakeholder management and supply chain management. During the summer and fall in Munich, they will study strategic communication, data-based decision making, competitive strategy/consulting and financial risk management.
The Triple Master allows a global learning experience. Students will enjoy the opportunity to work and study abroad and benefit from a diverse and international student base, while the universities broaden their reach internationally.

“The big advantage: Students benefit from studying at recognized international universities in three countries,” said Professor Manfred Schwaiger of LMU’s Institute for Market-based Management, who co-founded the program with his colleagues in Paris and New Orleans. “In addition, the program offers a high degree of flexibility.”