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Loyola University New Orleans College of Business Rolls Out Its New Bloomberg Terminal

By Loyola University on Wed, 12/09/2020 - 14:56

Loyola students access the same service used by leaders of business and finance

Loyola student Carrie Smith tries out the new Bloomberg Terminal at Loyola

Loyola University New Orleans today announced that students can now access the new Bloomberg Terminal in the Loyola College of Business Carlos M. Ayala Stock Trading Room, a stock trading room and computer lab on campus designed to support students, as they prepare for professional careers in business and finance.

The Bloomberg Terminal is software technology that provides real-time and historical data, market moving news, and analytics to help leading business and financial professionals worldwide make better informed investment decisions. The service also features execution solutions for every asset class, research, and a global network to communicate securely and reliably.

 The university’s subscription to the Bloomberg Terminal will serve as a resource for both students and professors. It will enable students to become familiar with the tools used in financial services, reinforcing classroom theory, while professors can use it to further their own research. Loyola students will also have the opportunity to train and become Bloomberg Certified through the Bloomberg Terminal.

“Our Finance program here at Loyola is a launchpad for Wall Street level careers in Finance,” says Dr. Denver Travis, CFA, Assistant Professor of Finance in the Loyola College of Business. “Students from around the globe come here to study finance because we provide hands-on modern financial training in a small classroom setting, which happens to be located in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of the amazing and exciting city of New Orleans. 

“Our Finance Major is now a CFA® Institute University Affiliate Program where we train students for the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) exams. With the addition of the Bloomberg Terminal, our students will have even more access to cutting-edge modern financial training,” Travis said. 

“As far as we know, our one-million-dollar Student Managed Investment Fund is the only one in the nation that provides students with the opportunity to invest real money in real-time trading with financial derivatives such as options in addition to stocks, bonds, and ETFs. Our graduates are everywhere, working in investments, banking, and corporate finance throughout New Orleans, Wall Street, and the rest of the world.”

Under student management, the one million-dollar Student Managed Investment Fund at Loyola has consistently turned a profit for the last three years, even as the nation faced a recession, a volatile market, and dwindling retirement portfolios. In total, over $200,000 in student scholarships have paid out of the fund’s profits in the past three years.