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It’s Move-In Week at Loyola University New Orleans

By Loyola University on Mon, 08/15/2022 - 16:54

(NEW ORLEANS – August 17, 2021) It’s Move-In Week at Loyola University New Orleans, the largest Jesuit Catholic university in the South. Campus is abuzz with activity, with packages being delivered and nearly 2,000 keys being distributed. Krewe leaders are gearing up for Wolf Pack Welcome. Residential Life staff will be welcoming new students to campus all week.

“This is one of the most exciting weeks of the year on any college campus, and at Loyola University New Orleans, we work hard to make everyone feel safe, happy and welcome,” said Vice President of Student Affairs Alicia Bourque. “It’s an emotional time, filled with happy reunions between old friends, anticipation of what the year might bring, a few tearful goodbyes, and a palpable joy, as new students begin one of the greatest adventures of their lives.”

Move-in Week at Loyola is a staggered process, with students moving in on a predetermined and tightly managed schedule, by appointment only. Move-In for undergraduates runs Monday through Wednesday, August 15-17, and upperclassmen Thursday and Friday, August 18-20.

Approximately 200 to 300 students will move back each day, according to a predetermined schedule and by appointment only. Families will pull their cars into a parking lot off Freret Street near Carrollton Hall. At the Welcome tent, staff will check student packets to see that they are good to go – and can receive their keys and head to their rooms - or direct them to tables within the vicinity for further measures. On the checklist: proof of a negative COVID Test and completed registration. 

Residential Life staff have busily prepared for students’ arrival, checking rooms, moving furniture, delivering packages. It’s a long-established routine, with a new event this year: the Roommate Agreement Fair on Sunday, August 22. 

“On-campus residents typically have to agree to and sign a roommate agreement - how are we going to live, what are the rules we agree to. Getting to know you, standard expectation kind of stuff,” said Chris Rice, director of Residential Life. “Typically, that happens within the first month. The new Roommate Agreement Fair is to help pre-set the conversation. We’re working to get them all done early this year, so everyone starts college on the right foot. We’re setting our students up for success.”

Wolf Pack Welcome is an opportunity to introduce new students to campus and one another once they arrive, said Director of Student Life and Ministry Dale O’Neill, who oversees Loyola’s 130-plus student organizations, including Greek life, student leadership, volunteer groups, and social justice clubs, etc. on campus. Krewe leaders provide training, talks and opportunities for new students to make friends and connections. 

Charlie Casrill, general manager of Sodexo, and his team are actively planning meals for every palate under the sun. They are also responsible for the ever-famous Cheese Day (not to be confused with the Mac and Cheese bar), not to mention Sushi Night, Poutine Night, Steak Night, TV Dinner Night and seasonal celebrations. The Orleans Room offers choices. And yet, some of us can't stop going back to the grill for those tasty cheeseburgers. Last fall, 70, 786 meals were served in the Orleans Room.

During the first six weeks of school - that ever-critical period – students would be wise to spend time in the Pan-American Life Student Success Center, where they can learn about internship opportunities, career planning, academic advising, peer mentors, and more. Every first-year student receives personalized online coaching.