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Meet Tatiana Alaniz

Developing Your Personal Potential

Tatiana Alaniz knows the meaning of perseverance. Despite the roadblocks and unexpected turns along the way, she proudly walked across this stage this May to receive her Bachelor of Applied Science degree from Loyola University New Orleans.

“I'm actually a re-admit student. I started at Loyola in 2007, and it's been quite a journey,” Tatiana explained. “I had some personal family issues and I had to stop coming. I also had my first child during that course, but it never stopped me from coming back to my studies.”

Juggling Life and School 

As a wife, mother of four, and business owner, Tatiana knew she needed a flexible schedule to fit in her coursework around her busy life. Loyola Online offered her just the flexibility she needed, with the same personalized support she knew from her time as an on-ground learner. 

“I just knew that I needed something that was going to be flexible with my schedule,” Tatiana said. “Not only flexible with my schedule, but something that I'm familiar with, which was the campus culture, the way the professors care—and that's really everything that I have received since coming back to Loyola.”

In addition to the support she received in the classroom, Tatiana also met with her academic success coach weekly to stay on track. Even if she was struggling with something personal, or feeling stressed about her courses, she always had that extra layer of support to keep her focused. 

“I would recommend Loyola Online to others because it is a complete support system that you will receive. Although it's fast paced, I still feel like it's manageable. It's something that you can certainly balance your schedule out to be able to make it work,” Tatiana said. 

Finish What You Started—and Keep Going

Now that Tatiana has her undergraduate degree, she is excited to continue her studies and pursue her law degree next. While it’s clear that earning her degree has helped her professionally, she is also really grateful for the personal development that going back to school has provided in her life. 

“I think it's truly important for people to weigh out their options on whether they want to finish school or not, but understand that it is a major goal that you can accomplish to set an example for your family or children,” Tatiana explained. “It challenges you in the best way possible to think critically, to develop ideas, and I feel like these are all resources that you can use in your adult life.”

It’s never too late to finish what you started. If you’re thinking about going back to school, our staff at Loyola Online can support you along your journey. Explore our online programs and connect with an admissions counselor by emailing or texting 504-588-6025.