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Meet Carolina Fierro-Amador

Finish What You Started

Carolina lives in northeastern Mississippi where she works in ministry serving her community. A dedicated wife and mother of four, Carolina’s journey to earn her master’s degree in pastoral studies took perseverance. 

In 2014, she was enrolled in a nearby on-campus extension program, but unplanned challenges at home forced her to put her degree on hold. Then, on a trip to New Orleans two years ago, Carolina met Dr. Tom Ryan at the Loyola Institute for Ministry. That’s when Carolina learned she could continue her studies online at Loyola. 


“The experience of studying online at Loyola has been hard, but has been very rewarding. The only thing I knew about studying online was how to open my computer. I didn't even know the password. So it has been starting from scratch on all levels,” Carolina said. 

Carolina knew she would need her family’s support to go back to school. She sat them down and came up with a plan. Her kids even helped her develop her new computer skills. 

“And in my case that I work full time, that I have four kids, that I have a house to tend, it's been really useful to be online,” she explained. “Once you fight your own battle, and you organize yourself and discipline yourself to do everything as it should be, then the program is really accessible, really practical because you can do it at your rhythm, at your time.”

Build Meaningful Connections Online 

Beyond the flexibility of the schedule, Carolina felt moved by the curriculum at Loyola. Even in an online format, she connected one-on-one with the program director and faculty leading her courses.  

“The professors have been wonderful. They are very professional. I really like that. They do what they are supposed to do and more. Apart from that, they do it with love, which is hard to find,” added Carolina. 

Now that she has earned her degree, Carolina is excited to keep learning. She plans to earn another master’s degree, while also continuing to serve her ministry, her family, and her community. She hopes others will follow her lead.   

Learn and Grow at Any Age  

“If I am not a citizen and I am over 50 years old with all the full activities that a 50 year old mom does, and I can do it, then I think everybody could do it,” said Carolina. “You can get everything online, but most of the time we just let time pass by and we get caught up in videos, in nonsense, and we don't take advantage of what we could do. The potential is just infinite.” 

If you’re inspired by Carolina’s story, explore the programs available online at Loyola University New Orleans. The application to Loyola's online programs is free and can take as little as 10 minutes to complete. You can connect individually with an admissions counselor by emailing or texting 504-588-6025.