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Meet Amanda Andrews

Design Your Studies 

Amanda Andrews searched for years to find the right online bachelor’s degree program. She wanted a flexible program that allowed her to choose courses that aligned with her varied interests. When she found the bachelor of applied science degree program at Loyola University New Orleans, she knew she finally found her match. 

“When I discovered the interdisciplinary studies degree through Loyola, it was perfect because there were so many different areas of study that I could combine together to make something that was really important to me and enriching to me. It was just fantastic to be able to do that,” Amanda explained. 

Complete Your Studies on Any Schedule 

In addition to the customized curriculum, which allowed Amanda to choose two specializations within the social sciences, she also loved the asynchronous schedule. She was able to move to a new state without missing a beat in her studies. 

“It didn't matter if I started my work at seven o'clock in the morning or if I was doing work at 12 o'clock at night. I had that freedom,” Amanda explained. “I had that flexibility to be able to do that and still maintain a feeling of belonging at the school and a feeling that I had a place here at Loyola.”

A Welcoming Environment for Lifetime Learners 

As a post-traditional student, Amanda had some hesitations about returning to the classroom later in life, but Loyola faculty and staff made her feel welcomed starting on her first day of classes. 

“My very first semester, I was a little bit terrified because I hadn't been in an academic setting for over 30 years, and I was not really sure if my voice would find a place with people younger than me and professors younger than me,” she said. “The very first course I took was an English class, Writing About Literature, and it was taught by Dr. Tracy Watts. And the feedback that she began to give me on my writing was incredible. She was so supportive, and she was so encouraging that it just absolutely buoyed me.”

From that point on, Amanda entered her studies with more confidence and excitement as she began to explore new courses and topics, from world religions to political science. With new courses available every semester, there was always a good mix of topics to choose from available online. 

Finish What You Started

“If someone was ready to go back to school, I think Loyola Online is just perfect in my opinion, because you have so many options. You're not limited, you're not boxed in with only two or three different professions or curricula that you can study,” Amanda said. “But if you want to study a very specific subject, if you want to go into nursing or education or psychology, you can do that too.”

If you’re interested in going back to school, but you want the freedom to design your own curriculum like Amanda did, explore Loyola’s bachelor of applied science program. When you’re ready to commit to Loyola Online, start your application. It takes as little as 10 minutes to complete. For questions, call or text our admissions team at 504-588-6025.