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Loyola Academy 2021: Living With Water

The 2021 session for Loyola Academy (June 14-18) was our first time doing the workshop in person. We worked on learning how to embrace living with water in NOLA. Each day was divided in half between science and design. In the mornings we went over science and in the afternoons we went over design. During the science portion, we traveled to local places and heard from communities. During the design portion, we learned about the design thinking process and how to apply it to what we were learning about living with water in NOLA.

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The Mirabeau Water Garden

The Loyola Academy all started with funding and inspiration from the Mirabeau Water Garden project in New Orleans. This inspiration formed Loyola Academy's first project focus, Living With Water.

"The Mirabeau Water Garden will become one of the largest urban wetlands in the country and a campus for water research, demonstrating best practices for construction and urban water management in the city's lowest-lying and most vulnerable neighborhoods. The site is a 25-acre parcel in the Filmore neighborhood of New Orleans, between Bayou St. John and the London Avenue Canal, that once was home to the Sisters of St. Joseph's motherhouse. The land was donated to the City of New Orleans by the congregation on the condition that it be used to enhance and protect the neighborhood to 'evoke a huge systemic shift in the way humans relate with water and land.'” - Waggoner & Ball, Mirabeau Water Garden project description

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