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Young Alumnus/a of the Year Award

Award Guidelines

The Loyola University New Orleans Alumni Association is seeking nominations for the 2021 Young Alumnus/a of the Year Award.

The Young Alumnus/a of the Year award honors one young alumna(us) who has given most generously of their time, talent, and philanthropy to their alma mater and community.

  • The alumna or alumnus must exemplify those characteristics that Loyola seeks to form in its graduates – namely moral character, service to humanity, and unquestionable integrity.

  • The alumna or alumnus must demonstrate a strong commitment to her/his community and Loyola through volunteer service.

  • The alumna or alumnus must be recognized for her/his accomplishments in her/his profession or other areas of endeavor.

  • Nominees must have earned a doctoral, masters, bachelors, or associate degree or two-year certificate from Loyola within the last ten years.

  • Posthumous nominations will be considered.

  • Past recipients of this award are not eligible for nomination.

Selection Committee

  • The committee shall be composed of the members of the Young Alumni Pack Board. 

Submitting a Nomination

  • To nominate someone for the Young Alumnus/a of the Year Award, please click here to complete the online nomination form.
  • All nomination forms must be received by midnight on December 1, 2021.


Past Young Alumnus/a of the Year Award Recipients


Alumna/us of the Year                                                                                           


Madeline Janney '16


Award presentation moved from the Winter to Fall


Kristen Lee '12, J.D. '15 & Matthew Smith, J.D. '15


Annie McBride '07, J.D. '15 


C. Garlan White '08


Stephanie Hilferty '07


Greg Rhoades '06


Nick Poche '03


Michelle Clarke '06 


Sharonda Williams, J.D. '01


Jordan D. Huck '04, J.D. '07


Leigh Thorpe '03