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Den of Distinction Inductees

Class of 2019

Brandy Boatner '05


Class of 2018

Rhonda Shear Fagan '77


Class of 2017

Sandy Breland McNamara ‘84


Class of 2016

Maria Celeste Arraras '82
Michael Skehan '76


Class of 2015

Tom Llamas '01
Leo McLean '58
Rene Sanchez '87


Class of 2014

Veronique Niles Spruill '80
Reid Steinberg ‘94
Russell H. Myerson ‘76


Class of 2013

Peter Finney, Sr. '49
Gary G. Hymel '54
Judy Reese Morse '84
Michael Smith '01


Class of 2012

John Deveney '88
Shawn M. Donnelley '91
Maurice Guillerman '53
Bob Marshall '71


To nominate someone to the Den of Distinction, please email