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Alumni Profile: Rosalind "Rosie" Seidel '16

College of Arts and Sciences




English Major, Medieval Studies Minor
Hometown: Castle Rock, CO
Current City: Edinburgh, Scotland

I was initially drawn to Loyola because I attended a Jesuit high school, and I wanted to continue to develop those values. Loyola's Core equipped me with the skills to work confidently in any subject area. As an early career librarian and book historian, for instance, I had to work with material outside of my purview of study, like scientific texts from the fields of medicine and cartography. Loyola provided me with the education and skills to be confident even when experiencing something new. It aided my continuous love of learning and made me all the better for it.

My professors taught me to think critically, strengthened my talents, encouraged my passions, and have continued to be a part of my life today. I strongly believe that my Loyola education is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received, and I strive to share the gifts that were given to me through my time in New Orleans.

Since Loyola, I have received a Master’s in Library and Information Science from the University of Maryland, and I'm currently pursuing a Master’s of Science in Book History and Material Culture at the University of Edinburgh. I was fortunate enough to also work for the American Library Association, the Library of Congress, and the National Library of Scotland.

Loyola University New Orleans will always be a part of me – my second home. No matter how far I go or where I end up in the world, I always return to Loyola with great fondness.