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Xuefeng Li

Associate Professor of Mathematics


  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • Mathematics and Computer Science


Dr. Li's fields of research include finite element methods for partial differential equations, computational fluid dynamics with various Riemann solvers, fast storage and retrieval of large GIS related images in databases for the web, distributed computing on heterogeneous computer systems, efficient numerical solutions to differential and integral equations. In recent years, he has been involved in developing  new parallel iterative methods for solving nonlinear system of equations arisen from nonlinear partial differential equations frequently associated with multi-physics problems.

Classes Taught

  • Fundamental of Algebra
  • Introduction to Finite Mathematics
  • Survey of Calculus
  • Pre-Calculus Mathematics
  • Mathematical Models
  • Computational Matrix Algebra
  • Calculus I
  • Calculus II
  • Calculus III
  • Advanced Calculus I
  • Advanced Calculus II

Areas of Expertise

  • Oscillation in Numerical Solutions of Systems of Conservation Laws, N-body Problems and Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Numerical Solutions of Riemann Problems in Multi-dimensional Space