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Wendy Porche

Executive Assistant to the Dean of City College


B.A., Loyola University New Orleans


  • Loyola City College


Wendy Porche is the Executive Assistant to the Dean of City College. Prior to her employment at Loyola University she worked for a local non-profit agency. As Assistant to the Operations Director she was the contact person for many state and federal agencies in the social service field. In 2000 she received the Raymond Phillips Award for Employee of the Year.

In September 2005 she worked as a Quality Assurance Supervisor on the Disaster Recovery Project for Orleans Parish. Her duties included employee hiring, payroll, assigning employees to job sites and assuring that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers scope of work was completed in an efficient and safe manner. All of this work required long hours under extreme conditions and required personnel with the highest principles of work ethics. Wendy received several certificates and commendations from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for her excellent work on this project and her contributions to revitalizing New Orleans post Hurricane Katrina.

Wendy has extensive experience in supervision, administrative support, social services and business practices. Her versatile background is a great asset to our diverse student body.

At the Loyola 2012 College of Social Sciences Honors Convocation she was awarded the 2012 Staff Excellence Award. In January, 2019 she was recognized as Loyola's Employee of Month and in May, 2019 she was awarded Employee of the Year.