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Davina Hatton

Admissions Assistant


  • Admissions


Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Where did you go to college? University of New Orleans

What were you involved in while you were in college? Japan Club

Best piece of college advice:  1. Be succinct when writing papers. 2. Study abroad.  3. Know what your school's resources are and use them. Struggling with a class? Talk to your professor! Go to their office hours, send them an email, but talk to them. Trouble with math or writing? Use the writing and math centers! Feeling overwhelmed? Go to the counseling center! Don't know what to do after graduation? Go to the career center! Those resources are there for you.

Favorite New Orleans tradition? Crawfish boils

Favorite New Orleans food? Po'boys

Favorite Mardi Gras parade and why? Chewbacchus - because I'm in it!

Where is the best place to go for a snowball and what flavor do you get? Plum Street Snowballs! Half chocolate cream / half coconut cream

What New Orleans street do you constantly misspell? Fontainebleau

What makes Loyola different than other schools? The personal attention students get and the diversity of the student body

Favorite Loyola event/tradition? I love that Iggy (life-size statue of St. Ignatius at the center of campus) wears t-shirts!

What's your favorite thing (or story) about Loyola? The students!