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Strategy Three

Strategy Three

Pursuing a Distinctive Loyola Culture

In order to stand out in a crowded marketplace, we must have credibility. We must build on our strengths of courage and creativity, both to attract more students and ensure that we graduate them.

Jesuit Identity

Expand Jesuit formation to give our faculty and staff a deeper and broader understanding of Jesuit values, strategies, and beliefs. We will teach and support our students using those insights and that language. We must ensure that every student who comes through our door has a chance to experience the transformative power of cura personalis, care of the mind, heart, and spirit.

  • Complete the Benson Jesuit Center as a beacon, a welcoming hub of our campus life. Fill it with programming that celebrates our Catholic, Jesuit identity. 
Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

Foster an ever more inclusive community for the diverse students we so proudly welcome, through implementation of the Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence. We will proclaim our values in the ways that we treat each other with dignity and empathy. We will improve the diversity of our faculty, work harder to retain that diversity and ensure equity. We will also foster a community where we can disagree with each other, and learn to debate issues with respect and humility.

  • Continue to build on our strength of serving students with disabilities, using wrap-around services to help them flourish. 
  • Achieve the status of Hispanic Serving Institution, unlocking federal support for our diverse student body. To get there, we will intensify our recruitment and welcome Hispanic students − the one growing demographic of young people and a major force in the American Catholic church. 
  • Continue our work to end gaps in retention based on race and class with particular outreach efforts. 

Develop a More Engaging Campus

Redevelop Broadway campus in ways that include residential living, particularly for law students, and event spaces. 

  • Build the residence hall envisioned in the campus master plan to meet more of the demand for campus housing and to create a more exciting community. Work to include in this project the deferred maintenance of other residence halls. 
  • Make the front corner of our campus magical. Redesign the Communications Building with color, creativity, and a public-facing stage at our front door. 

Make Manifest Our Strengths in Courage and Creativity in the Academic Enterprise

Prioritize relevance in faculty research and service by valuing societal impact in faculty hiring and promotion. 

  • In particular, we focus on the “apostolic preferences” of the Jesuit order, including care for the dispossessed and the environment. 
  • Reinvigorate the first-year experience to overtly reflect our strengths in courage and creativity and design the new January term in creative ways. 
  • Expand Environmental Studies as an interdisciplinary major across the undergraduate colleges with a more specific focus on climate change. A commitment to creation is primary to our faith and a focus of the Jesuit Order. This signature program will both reflect our values and attract students from a generation that correctly identifies these issues as primary. 

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