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Strategic Goals and Objectives

Our Goal

Our singular goal is cura apostolica, care for the institution. Loyola must return to a place of financial health and stability, an institution that has margins, seed capital for new ideas, and the ability to better compensate our people. Through our success, we will be ever better to provide excellence to our students in a way they can afford. 

Many strategic plans contain wish lists for funding not yet available. Ours instead focuses on how we will grow resources to invest in our mission, our people, and our students.

We reject the false dichotomy between margin and mission, and not just because, without margin, there is no mission. It is also true that we can only succeed with mission and the clear identity it gives us. 

We will know we have succeeded when we build the excitement that attracts more students and fulfill our promises in a way that graduates more students. We will know we have succeeded when we put the university on a clear path of sustainability for its next hundred years of carrying out our Jesuit, Catholic mission.

The math works out.

We will achieve our goal by doubling down on mission, by having clarity about who we are and why we do this work.



These are specific metrics of our performance for this three-year plan:

Retention Rate:

There is no better quantitative measure of our achievement of mission than our ability to graduate students whose lives we have transformed. Based on an analysis of our retention efforts and those of our peer-group, we strive for an 85% first-to-second-year undergraduate retention rate. If we achieve this goal, it will place us within the ranks of only a dozen other institutions with similar Pell-eligible rates and, over time, improve our four and six-year graduation rates. We also seek to end disparities within that retention rate based on class and race. 

Growing the University’s Resources:

Loyola needs further growth to better compensate our people, provide margins for contingency, to fund new ideas, tackle long-deferred maintenance and replenish the endowment. We strive to grow gross revenue by 20% to better sustain our needs and invest in our people, and to create budgeted surpluses of 3% through the plans outlined here. 


Given the current demographic downturns and increasing competition, we seek to buck national trends and continue modest growth in our undergraduate net tuition revenue while increasing overall graduate and professional net tuition revenue by at least 15% through the creation of new programs. This will require building on the strengths described in this plan, executing our enrollment strategy ever better, and creating strategic new programs. 

Building visibility and momentum:

To achieve its goals, Loyola must visibly expand its profile, locally, nationally and particularly with its own alumni. We will measure this by raising the number of positive media impressions, through surveys of alumni opinion, and by increasing the alumni participation rate.

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