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Emerging Leaders Program

The Emerging Leaders Program is ideal for first and second year students interested in exploring leadership at greater depth. The program centers itself on the belief that all people have leadership potential. Participating students will engage in workshops allowing them to explore their values, strengths, and passions in order to fully realize and understand their own leadership philosophies. Not only will students learn more about themselves, but they will also engage with others to practice leadership skills and plan for their future.

ELP offers "elective" workshops available to any LOYNO student, and "CORE" and "track" workshops available to students who have applied for and been accepted into the Emerging Leaders certificate program. Students who have taken elective workshops can still count them towards their certificate at any time.

Emerging Leader Certificate

Students who complete all three core sessions and any three elective sessions of their choosing will be eligible to receive a leadership certificate recognizing their developed expertise. ELP CORE sessions generally offer enhanced unique resources for participating students and a closed community space within which to process important big questions. All certificate seekers must attend all three of these sessions, and no one not seeking a certificate is permitted to attend. This allows for a stronger "team" dynamic and network creation within the cohort.

Certificate-holders are recognized on campus at Magis and their completion of the certificate is an important part of their resume. Successful participants are also be eligible to participate in special invite-only ELP alumni special events throughout the remainder of their college career & beyond at Loyola. All certificate holders are invited to present workshops at the Spring Student Leadership Conference and given priority placement. Emerging Leader Certificate holders may also be invited to serve as Leadership Specialists. Leadership Specialists can facilitate and even organize important conversations about leadership at LOYNO, including Emerging Leaders Program workshops and more.

"Elective" events are offered year round. Elective events include:

  • ELP Elective Sessions: The most simple type of elective, these are collaborations with campus partners on their areas of specialty related to leadership.
  • Brave Spaces Events: Occurring once monthly, these are campus dialogue events themed around social justice issues
  • Q-Advocates Training: This 3-hour training counts as one elective only, but is often required for other opportunities on campus. Learn more about how to support LGBT+ peers. The training is offered twice a semester.
  • Additional campus events can be considered as electives on a case by case basis.

There are two opportunities to be part of a "CORE" certificate-seeking cohort:

  • The 3 required "CORE" sessions are offered across the Fall semester.
  • For students who want to knock out the bulk of their requirements in one day, the 3 required "CORE" sessions are an optional track of the L.I.T. Conference in the Spring, this year scheduled for March 11th.

Sign-up for the Emerging Leaders Certificate program here

Social Justice Advocates

Although all Emerging Leaders events frame leadership as a process for social change, some participants may be interested in deeper conversation about Social Justice. Students who complete the certificate during the Fall semester are eligible to sign up to become Social Justice Advocates. These students will receive winter reading and then attend a retreat educating them at greater depth about social identities and facilitation skills in January. Social Justice Advocates are also Leadership Specialists, except they are eligible to facilitate and even plan higher risk events such as Brave Spaces, Q-Advocates, and more.

Students on the SJA track are required to complete:

  • ELP CORE #1-3
  • SJA Track Retreat
  • Step Up! Training
  • Q-Advocates Training
  • 1 Brave Spaces Event
  • ELP elective: Challenging Others to Change or Organizing 10