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FAQs from LUPD

Frequently Asked Questions from Loyola University Police Department

Yes, LUPD will continue 24/7 coverage and will continue to provide all of the same community services as always.

No, some of the campus buildings that will not be occupied will be locked for security reasons. If an authorized person needs access to one of these buildings, they may request access from LUPD. For a full listing of open and locked buildings, review our Hours of Operation page.

If you have purchased a permit and your vehicle is registered, then you are welcome to leave your vehicle in the West Road Garage for the rest of the semester. Unregistered vehicles will be subject to being "booted" and towed after three days.

Loyola parking permits for this semester expire May 15, 2020, which makes them in violation starting May 16. As a courtesy, we are allowing a brief grace period for cars to be removed. We will begin towing vehicles without permits on June 1.

Contact LUPD at 504.865.3434 to report emergencies, request services, or access to one of the locked buildings.