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FAQs for Employees

Information for Staff


If I become sick, what do I do and who do I notify?
If you are not feeling well, please stay home. If you believe that you have been exposed to or have COVID-19 contact Heather Blanchard, 504.864.7896, or Rachel Dirmann, 504.864.7768, in Human Resources.

If I have a family member that becomes sick that I have had close physical contact with, what do I do and who do I notify?
If you believe that you have been exposed to or have COVID-19 contact Heather Blanchard, 504.864.7896,, or Rachel Dirmann, 504.864.7768, in Human Resources.

If I am notified that I have had contact with someone with a presumptive or confirmed case of COVID-19, what do I do and who do I notify?
If you believe that you have been exposed to or have COVID-19 contact Heather Blanchard, 504.864.7896,, or Rachel Dirmann, 504.864.7768, in Human Resources.

If my child’s school or care provider is closed or unavailable due to health concerns, can I use sick time?
Yes, you can use sick time to care for your dependents. In EWS, this is entered as family sick on your timesheet.

If my child’s school or care provider is closed or unavailable due to health concerns, and I am considered essential on-campus personnel, can I work remotely?
Depending on your position, your department may be able to support your ability to work remotely. Notify your supervisor and discuss the options for working remotely.

How much sick time do I have? What is the university’s paid sick time policy?
Your sick balance is available on your pay stub through EWS. The university’s Sick Leave policy is online.

How do I access the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for faculty and staff?

You can call 1.800.955.6422 or go to To access the online services, you will need to use the following:

  • Username: Loyola 
  • Password: eap

More information about EAP services is available here.

How do I check my voicemail remotely?
Dial 504.865.2000. You will be prompted to enter your extension and voicemail password.

Can I take my desktop computer home to work remotely?

Yes, Loyola employees are allowed to take their desktop machines home to work. Please review the Policy on Responsible Use of Computing Resources for more information about connecting to the VPN. 

What do I do if I have problems with my Loyola-owned computer or laptop?

Call the help desk at 504.865.2255 or submit a ticket with IT Client Services.

While we are all working remotely our needs for printing are minimal, but what do we do if we have bulk printing or shipping needs?

Any special printing or shipping needs should be referred to Lisa Kibler in Purchasing.

How will Facilities be affected by online classes?

Physical Plant workers are essential and will continue normal operations.

Will Job Requests continue to be processed?

Yes, we will receive and process all requests.

Will custodial services change?

Physical Plant will work with WFF to insure that critical cleaning continues.  We will adjust our efforts as classrooms come offline, and focus on occupied portions of the campus.

Will calls to Physical Plant be answered?


Employment Policy 2-24 Temporary Remote Working

Applies to faculty, exempt & non-exempt staff

This policy is to address the university’s need to temporarily, provide a flexible, safe, and productive response to the evolving coronavirus situation while maintaining the highest level of service to our students and our community. We are requiring that all employees that are not essential, on-campus personnel to work from home. 

The university’s regular work day will remain the same when working remotely. Employees are required to respond to their supervisor in a timely manner as if they were on campus. Employees are expected to coordinate and collaborate with your coworkers as usual.

Your supervisor will establish communication protocols for your department. The university will be flexible and ask that our employees understand that workloads and work hours may need to be adjusted during this unprecedented situation in order to maintain our service to our students.

Employees assignments may need to be adjusted to better suit the evolving needs of the university. Employees will need to be flexible as their skills may be needed in new and creative ways or other areas of the university that they have not previously supported. This adjustment is in line with the “other duties as assigned” statement included in all university job descriptions.

To help employees maintain their performance while working remotely, we advise our employees to:

  • Employees should choose a working space that enables them to focus on work.
  • Employees will need to have a working phone and/or internet available.
  • Employees will be available and attentive to their job duties during working hours.
  • Adhere to break and attendance schedules agreed upon with their supervisor.
  • Work with their supervisor to ensure their schedules coincide with those of their team members for as long as is necessary to complete their job duties effectively.
  • Employees and supervisors should determine the current short-term and long-term goals. Employees and supervisors should frequently meet online to discuss progress and results.

If you are deemed to be essential on-campus personnel, your supervisor will notify you of your status. If you are deemed to be essential on-campus personnel and have an underlying health condition that potential exposure to COVID-19 may be a concern, contact Heather Blanchard at or 504.864.7896. 

Read the full Human Resource Manual for Temporary Remote Work.

  • Communicate more, not less - Communicate early and often. Utilize multiple platforms for communication, i.e. Google Chat, Video Calls, Hangouts Meetings, Zoom Videoconferencing, text, phone calls. Find the best methods to collaborate and stay in touch with your team. You’re not alone, reach out and engage with your coworkers. Utilize face-to-face apps to better connect with your team where possible.
  • Communicate expectations to anyone else who is home with you. Be clear, but flexible, in what it expected while you work remotely. Talk about your availability, need to focus on your work, schedule, etc.
  • Set up your workspace – if possible have a dedicated space in your home for work – so it feels like going to work when you enter that space.
  • Set a regular schedule, include a routine for starting and ending your work day just like you would on-campus. Working remotely can make it easy to lose track of what time it is throughout the day. Get up and get dressed comfortably to help transition to an “I’m at work” mindset at home.
  • Schedule your breaks and take them. Stop for lunch and step away from your work area so you can come back refreshed. Make your lunch the night before or in the morning, as if you were leaving for work.
  • Plan your day and your work to take advantage of how you work best to manage your work flow.
  • Determine what helps you stay focused in your remote work environment. For example, do you prefer music or white noise in the background or do you prefer to work in silence? Do you need natural light from a window or a different kind of light? Do you need voices in the background? Leave the TV on low volume in another room or away from where it is in your line of sight.
  • Take time to care for yourself – sometimes it’s hard to step away from work at the end of the day. Step outside and take a walk if possible.

If you and/or your supervisor have questions or concerns about working remotely, please contact Heather Blanchard at 504-864-7896.

Regular Timekeeping, Pay and Leave Policies

Except where the university communicates adjustments, regular timekeeping, pay and leave policies apply during this modified operation period.

Requests for Reasonable Accommodations

Department heads and supervisors should refer employee requests for reasonable accommodation to Human Resources which will follow the University policy 2-4, Employees with Disabilities. Please remember employees requesting accommodation may not use the specific term “accommodation” or may simply provide information simply indicating that they are having difficulty performing their job duties. You will still need to refer the employee to Heather Blanchard in Human Resources. If there is any question that the employee may require an accommodation, consult with Human Resources. Information related to accommodation requests, medical conditions, and/or disability-related issues, including information relating to potential COVID-19 diagnoses or quarantines, must be kept confidential per University policy.


Department heads and supervisors are reminded not to discriminate on any unlawful basis, including in the assignment of work, decisions regarding working remotely, disciplinary matters, scheduling, or other terms and conditions of employment. Though through this time there may be a heightened risk from COVID-19 to certain populations, such as older persons and person with underlying medical conditions, department heads and supervisors should not assume that any class of employees or any employee in particular is any less capable of performing work under the current circumstances. 

Prohibited Medical Inquiries and Opinions

Under applicable law, supervisors and department heads generally cannot inquire about employees’ medical conditions, diagnoses or treatment. This includes instructing employees to seek medical care or requiring employees to monitor their temperature for fever. However, department heads and supervisors may ask employees about symptoms of COVID-19 because of the direct threat it poses to the workplace. If you believe an employee is exhibiting such symptoms, contact Human Resources immediately. Supervisors and department heads must refrain from offering medical opinions. Information regarding COVID-19 and the university’s emergency response official sources and posted on the Loyola coronavirus information page and will be provided in official communications. 

Refusal to Work Due to COVID-19

If an individual refuses to report to work, department heads and supervisors should contact Human Resources. The University will attempt to determine the reason for the individual’s refusal to work. If the individual or family member has been diagnosed with or exposed to COVID-19, the university will follow the process in place at this time. If the employee indicates a need for a potential accommodation, please refer the employee to Human Resources.

If the employee’s refusal to work is made on a different basis, the university will attempt to determine if there is a health and safety issue or other legitimate concern that may need to be addressed.  In the event that the university determines that there is no imminent danger that needs to be addressed, the employee may be required to report to work, may be permitted to use available and appropriate paid time off, or may be granted unpaid leave at the university’s discretion. If an employee is required to report to work and does not do so, then department heads and supervisors should consult with Human Resources to determine whether disciplinary action is appropriate.

Sick Leave & COVID-19

If an employee informs a department head or supervisor that they have been exposed to and/or are exhibiting symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or have been quarantined, the employee must be directed not to come to work and to immediately contact their health care provider.  Then the department head or supervisor must immediately contact Heather Blanchard or Rachel Dirmann in Human Resources. Sick time will be applicable to such absences and employees should be directed to follow regular sick time protocols, which will include providing a medical certification before returning to work.

If an employee reports that they are not feeling well for other reasons, they should be directed to follow regular sick time protocols for contacting their supervisor and not to come to work until they are well.

For employees who have to miss work as a result of a COVID-19 diagnosis (whether the person diagnosed is the employee or a family member), or other serious medical condition, leave under the Family and Medical Leave policy (“FMLA leave”) may be available.  Please contact Heather Blanchard in Human Resources in these circumstances, or if an employee inquires about FMLA leave.

Exposure to COVID-19 at Work

If a department head or supervisor is informed by an employee that the employee believes they have been exposed to COVID-19 at work, please immediately contact Heather Blanchard in Human Resources at 504.864.7896.  If an employee begins to experience symptoms consistent with COVID-19 while at work, they must be directed to leave work immediately and seek medical care. Contact Heather Blanchard in Human Resources as soon as possible.


How do I know if I am considered essential on-campus personnel and am required to report to campus?
Your supervisor will notify you if you are essential personnel and the attendance requirements for your position.

How do I know if I can be on campus?
Your immediate supervisor will notify you of the specific attendance requirements for your position.

If my position cannot be performed remotely what will the university do?
The university will work with you to determine if there are other job duties you can perform to continue working.

If I am not deemed essential on-campus personnel can I still come to campus to work?
No, unless your supervisor has notified you that you are required on-campus you will be working remotely. Special circumstances should be discussed with your supervisor.

While working remotely, how will I communicate with my supervisor and/or team?
Your supervisor will establish communication protocols for you and your team. This may include a variety of appropriate technologies including: email, Zoom videoconferencing, Google Hangouts, text, phone calls, and/or other software or apps (i.e. Slack, GroupMe).

If I am contacted by my supervisor, am I required to respond?
Yes, if your supervisor contacts you, you are required to respond during the regular work day. During an urgent situation you may need to respond outside of your regular work day.

I’m scheduled to take vacation, what will happen now?
As per policy, you will take your pre-approved vacation as usual, unless there has been a necessary change based on university needs. Standard departmental procedures apply. Speak with your supervisor about any concerns. Your vacation time would be recorded on your timesheet.

My supervisor said my job is essential to campus operations and it cannot be completed at home. I would prefer to work remotely. What should I do?

Your supervisor has the responsibility to ensure that your department’s services continue to be provided for the campus community. While all have been asked to be as accommodating to working remotely as possible, there are positions whose responsibilities would necessitate being on campus. If you have discussed your preferences with your supervisor and they have declined your request to work remotely, the decision has been made. If you feel there are extenuating circumstances to your situation that are not being considered, including concerns regarding your personal health condition or that of a close family member, please contact HR to discuss.    

Am I allowed to travel domestically and work from there?

Time dedicated to personal travel should be noted as vacation time. Also keep in mind that when working remotely you are expected to be available to communicate via phone and internet at any time during the normally scheduled work day. In certain circumstances, an employee may also be required to report to campus.

Will I need to use my cell phone instead of my office phone? 

A working phone at your remote work location is required. You can use a personal cell or landline. Our desk phones offer a call forwarding option and your office voicemail can be accessed remotely. Please see the IT Resources page for more details. 

What if I need office supplies or other equipment?

Employees can bring home needed office supplies to support their required duties during this time. The university is also allowing employees to bring home their office computers and IT will provide VPN. Please remember that you are responsible for the privacy and security of sensitive data when working remotely. View our Policy on Responsible Use of University Computing Resources.


If I am working remotely, how will I be paid?
As usual, you will continue to record your hours through EWS and receive payment through direct deposit.

What if I am working remotely and become sick or need to care for a sick family member and am unable to work, how will I paid?
As usual, you would record sick or family sick time on your timesheet through EWS.

If I become ill or need to care for a sick family member for three consecutive days or more, what do I do?
Contact Heather Blanchard in Human Resources at or 504.864.7896 to determine if there are any other leave regulations or policies, including FMLA, which may apply to your situation.

How will holidays and liberal leave days be handled?
We expect holidays and liberal leave days to be handled as usual in your department.

For payroll/timesheet questions, call:

  • Erica Hicks: 504.864.7343
  • Winnie Christopher: 504.864.7731
  • Donna Rochon: 504.864.7272


What happens to my benefits while I am working remotely?
As usual, your benefits continue based on your employment.

What happens to my benefits if I become sick or am caring for a sick family member?
As usual, your benefits continue based on your employment.

If my doctor has given me personal health information documentation (PHI) to provide to my employer, where do I send it?
You will send it directly to Human Resources only. You may have it faxed to 504.864.7100 or contact the main HR phone number, 504.864.7757, for alternative directions. 

For benefits questions, you may call :

  • Crystal Thomas: 504.864.7027
  • Donna Rochon: 504.864.7272

How do I contact Human Resources?
HR can be contacted by phone or email during regular business hours.

Financial Affairs

Will the university continue to process payment requests?
Yes, payment requests will be processed weekly.

How will payments for reimbursements and vendor services be processed?

  1. Faculty, Staff and Students should submit their reimbursement requests through Concur Solutions:

  2. Payments to vendors for executed services should be submitted using this online check request form:

  3. Purchase orders requisitions may still be submitted through the FRS. Payments to vendors who submit their invoices to will be reviewed and processed as necessary.

If this is a COVID-related expense, please include the following with your payment request:

  • Concur: Include COVID in the comment section of the expenses statement header
  • Purchase Requisition: Include a text line referencing COVID
  • Electronic Check Request: Include reference to COVID in the description section

When will payments be distributed?

All payments will be mailed. There will be no on-campus pick up location. Please ensure that a current address is included on all requests for payment. All payment questions should be directed to Tootie Buisson (, Jean Augustin (, Robin Rupp (, Daniella Solorzano (, or Cathy Roy (

How can I view my billing statement?
All student tuition billing statements can be viewed in the e-Commerce system. You can access the e-Commerce system from your LORA account.

Can I speak to a Bursar’s Office representative during normal business hours?
Yes, you can speak with a Bursar’s representative by calling 504.865.2388. Calls will be answered Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m.–4:00 p.m. (CST). You can also send an email to and we will respond to your email.

How can I make a tuition payment?
Tuition payments can be made online via our e-Commerce system with an electronic check (free service). All that is needed is your financial institutions routing number and your checking or savings account information. Credit card payments are only accepted online as the e-Commerce provider charges a non-refundable 2.85% fee.

Can I mail in a tuition payment?
You can mail in a non-cash tuition payment to the Bursar’s Office directly. Our mailing address is:

6363 St. Charles Avenue
Campus Box 78
New Orleans, LA 70118

Your check payment will be safely secured at the university until we return to campus to post your payment.

How can I receive a copy of my 1098-T?
Students can contact ECSI for their tax document. If you prefer you can call them directly at 1-866-428-1098. Live CHAT is also available.

Purchasing/Central Receiving/Post Office

Will purchase orders still be processed?
Yes. Purchasing staff will continue to source and buy goods and services for the University, albeit remotely.

How will Purchase Orders be handled?
Purchase orders will be batched and printed once-per-week for processing.

What if I need to buy something with a purchase order more quickly than that?
Please contact Lisa Kibler ( or David Young ( for assistance. Purchasing also has the ability to issue a digital PO.

Will Central Receiving be open?
Yes. As some departments will continue to be on campus, Central Receiving will be supporting operations and accepting packages. Hours of operation will be Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 8:30 a.m.–4:00 p.m. Hours of operation may be curtailed further as the situation warrants.

Will the Post Office be open?

The Post Office will be distributing mail to mail boxes on main campus on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday each week. While staff will be on campus 8:30-4 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday, the window will not be open. Please call the Post Office at 504.865.2130 to coordinate mail drop-off and knock on the window if a package needs to be picked up. 

I’m now working from home. If I need to purchase a good and do not want to come to campus to get the package, what can I do?
In general, the university will be relaxing its purchasing rules to accommodate this extraordinary event and allow for greater flexibility in personal purchases of goods. Please reach out to Lisa Kibler (, David Young ( or Robert Nelson ( for assistance and advisement if you face such a situation.

I have booked travel through Concur and need to cancel. What should I do?
Please reach out to Sandra Pierre-Kazi ( with your travel details and she will work with our travel agency to cancel or rebook your flight/hotel/car rental.

I ordered something that I will no longer need. Can I cancel my order?
Please contact Lisa Kibler ( or David Young ( immediately with your purchase order number. We additionally ask all staff and faculty to review if any upcoming purchases or contracts will be needed in light of the university moving to a remote work and teaching environment through the end of the spring semester.

Rachel Dirmann, HR Director, 504-864-7768,
Doris Newman, HR Coordinator, 504-864-7757,
Dorsey Harris, HR Specialist, 504-864-7030,
Heather Blanchard, Sr. HR Representative, 504-864-7896,
Donna Rochon, Manager – Payroll & Benefits, 504-864-7272,
Crystal Thomas, Benefits Representative, 504-864-7027,
Erica Hicks, Payroll Administrator, 504-864-7343,
Winnie Christopher, Payroll Administrator, 504-864-7731,