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Wolf Pack Wednesday: Virtual Orientation

Subject line: Get Ready for Virtual Orientation

Sent: June 3


Welcome Back to Wolf Pack Wednesday! 

This weekly newsletter features important information and resources to help you prepare for your first year at Loyola. If you missed our previous emails, explore our archive.

Can’t wait for your first day of college? You’ll be happy to know that you can start preparing for life at Loyola long before your first day of classes! We’ll share virtual offerings this summer and in-person events at the start of the semester to help you get ready for our new normal on campus this fall. 

Virtual Orientation

In July, we’ll email you login credentials to complete your Virtual Orientation. We’ll cover all the essentials of being part of the Wolf Pack, and you can complete it at your own pace over the summer. Keep in mind, the virtual orientation modules are required for all new students and must be completed by August 24. 

Here’s a look at the topics you’ll cover:

  • Safety and security in the Big Easy
  • Student living and dining services
  • Student health and counseling
  • Loyola technology
  • Introduction to academic life
  • Introduction to your College 
  • Student engagement and community outreach
  • Student finance

NOTE: All previous registrations for on-ground orientation have been voided. You must now complete the Virtual Orientation Acknowledgement in your Admissions Status Portal checklist before we send your login credentials. This will allow us to verify your email address and confirm that you are aware of the plan for virtual orientation. 

Log into your Admissions Status Portal now to complete this important action item! 

Krewe Chats

Did you know: You have a Krewe Leader who is a current student at Loyola dedicated to preparing you for life at Loyola! Starting in July, your Krewe Leader will text you weekly and host Krewe Chats over Zoom to get to know you. This small-group format will give you a chance to connect with your peers and answer all your questions. 

Wolf Pack Welcome 

After you move in, we’ll kick off the fall semester with Wolf Pack Welcome on August 21-23. During this three-day event, your Krewe Leader will guide you through next steps to prepare for your classes and review some of the topics you covered in your virtual orientation. You’ll also meet other incoming students and participate in some of our favorite Loyola traditions. Because you will cover so many important details, this event is mandatory for all first-year students.

Have questions about any of these events or how to prepare for your arrival at Loyola? 

Coming Up Next

Late-night pancakes, a dance marathon with students around the country, MLK day of service — you’re not going to want to miss these Loyola traditions.

See the full schedule and archived emails.  

Don’t Forget These Deadlines 

June 15: Submit your housing application

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