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Wolf Pack Wednesday: Our Jesuit Values

Subject line: Wolf Pack Wednesday: Our Jesuit Values

Sent: May 20


Welcome to Wolf Pack Wednesday — a weekly newsletter featuring important information and resources to help you prepare for your first year at Loyola. If you missed our previous emails, explore our archive.

Now that you’re part of the Pack, we want to know: What drives you to be your best? At Loyola, our Jesuit identity helps us to challenge our assumptions, reflect on our actions, and pursue something more — something greater than ourselves. The Jesuits call that magis, Latin for “more.” Get to know a few of the Jesuit values at the core of our community. 


Linking Faith with Justice

Our faith connects us to our calling to make the world more just and fair for everyone. We act in service to others and take time to reflect thoughtfully on ourselves, our community, and our world. You will too, starting from day one of your Loyola journey.

  • Develop the skills to become a lifelong learner and make decisions guided by ethical reasoning and critical analysis though our Loyola Core curriculum.
  • Advocate for a cause you care about through the Loyola Community Action Program (LUCAP), an initiative organized and led entirely by students.

"At the core of this Jesuit value a question is raised, 'How does our Faith influence the way we treat others and assist in the advancement of causes that aren't our own?' In my daily life, this value translates into how I utilize my faith to treat others better and develop a more socially conscious self." – Freedom Richardson, Student Government Association President Elect


Educating the Whole Person

It’s our mission to help you find your passion and realize your full potential to make a lasting impact on our world. We will develop more than just your mind; we’ll give you tools to grow your heart, body, and soul, too. 

  • Join a Themed Living Community and build community with other students who share your lifestyle and celebrate your passions. 
  • Find your spiritual home through our Interfaith Ministries, designed to serve the needs of diverse faith traditions and backgrounds. 


Learning From Experience

Through Student Life and Ministry, you’ll have many opportunities to live your faith through action. By connecting your coursework to the community around you, you’ll develop skills that will help you in all aspects of your life. 

  • Take a service learning course to engage with your local community and examine how your studies relate to real issues in our world. 
  • Choose from 100+ student organizations that align with your interests — or start your own. 


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Loyola Core Curriculum

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