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Wolf Pack Wednesday: Student Government Association

Subject line: Meet Your Student Government 

Sent: August 31, 2022


Loyola’s Student Government Association (SGA) is deeply involved in matters affecting our campus community. From racial equity issues to sustainability measures to community service, your SGA is here for you on the topics that matter. You can visit our website here:

Loyola’s SGA promises to: 

  • Promote student welfare
  • Establish an effective and representative student leadership body
  • Exchange transparent ideas between students and the administration
  • Advocate for student interest and needs
  • Encourage students to be educated on important issues that impact our university
  • Assume our position in SGA with the fullest power and responsibility to lead a trustworthy self-government 

The SGA also plays a big role in campus fun, hosting signature events through the University Programming Board like Wolf Pack Wednesday, which gives students the chance to show their Loyola pride. Weekly giveaways are offered on the front porch of the Danna Student Center to those wearing maroon, gold, or Loyola gear! 

First Year Council (FYC) 

FYC is a program developed by the Student Government Association to help first-year members of our community engage their leadership potential on campus. FYC is required for students in their first semester before they can serve on any other SGA committees. Through learning the ins and outs of SGA, attending mentoring opportunities, planning a campus wide event, and assisting in campus-wide initiatives, FYC is a great first step into the leadership opportunities that Loyola has to offer. Complete the FYC application online. Questions? Email  

So What’s the Breakdown?

Here is the Breakdown of SGA and what FYC will learn about:

  • Senate
    • Speaker of the Senate
    • Senators at Large
    • Senators
  • Finance Committee
  • University Programming Board
    • UPB Executive Board (Lagniappe, Wolf Pack Wednesday, Third Friday, Education, and Marketing Coordinators)
      • The University Programming Board (UPB) is a student-led programming board that is dedicated to the coordination and implementation of campus-wide events that are educational, social, and entertaining. These events not only give students the opportunity to engage with each other, but also fosters a sense of belonging at Loyola and university traditions. UPB strives to develop experiences that meet the needs of Loyola students with an executive board of student programmers.
      • Wolf Pack Wednesdays are weekly giveaways for students who enhance their Loyola spirit by wearing Maroon and Gold or Loyola gear to campus. 
      • Third Friday events are events that happen on the 3rd Friday of every month while in school. These events are major celebrations to celebrate another month at the university. 
  • Communications Committee
    • Social Media Managers
    • Publicist 
    • Photographer
  • Court of Review
    • Justices
  • Diversity/Equity/Inclusion Committee 
  • Homecoming Committee

Connect with the SGA

Want to know more or have other questions? Feel free to reach us at any of our social media handles or email us! Be on the lookout for our monthly newsletters and our website launch soon!


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