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Summer Session

The road to graduation begins this summer.

With summer sessions at Loyola, adding even just one class can multiply your opportunities. Your degree and career potential already have no limits, but summer courses can help you stay on track, save you money, and possibly allow you to graduate early. Or, you can get more out of Loyola by adding an academic minor or a specific concentration — bolstering your already strong profile for employers. Find out more about the benefits of a summer program and more details.

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How to Apply

Current Loyola students can use LORA to register or meet with their academic advisors to schedule summer courses just as they do for the fall and spring semesters. Non-Loyola students wishing to apply for summer should follow this link. Students interested in law courses should contact the Office of Law Records at (504) 861-5550.

Summer Visiting students enrolled full-time at another university who want to take summer courses at Loyola should complete the Summer Visiting Application and submit it to our Office of Admissions with an official transcript.

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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees will vary per semester, and by undergraduate, graduate, and law programs. Additional fees and residence hall fees apply.

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Summer Learning Opportunities

Adding a summer course here and there can be incredibly advantageous for your degree and bank account, but also adds even more value to your degree and Loyola experience. And for wherever your summer takes you, we offer many online courses as well.

Take a look at all of the undergraduate courses being taught this year.

Mark your calendar

Don't lose your opportunity to add a summer course by keeping track of all important deadlines below.

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Connect with us.

We're happy to answer any and all additional questions you might have.

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