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Film Studies Minor

The Film Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary program allowing students to take courses in a number of departments, thus tailoring their course of study to fit the many specific fields involved in the creation, distribution, and use of non traditional media. When coupled with a humanities major, the minor is both an excellent preparation for graduate study or for employment in the field.

The Film Studies minor is a 21 credit hour program that offers a unique interdisciplinary approach to the cinema. A wide variety of courses have been designated to participate in the Film Studies minor. In addition, students are able to work with the program director to create a 21 hours sequence specifically tailored to their professional needs in the field. Normally, courses taken to complete the Film Studies minor cannot be used in conjunction with courses used to satisfy the major.

The Director of the Film Studies program is John Mosier, Professor of English. The Film Studies Oversight Committee consists of professors John Mosier, Timothy Welsh, and Mike Miley. Faculty from many other departments contribute to this program through specific courses.


See an overview of the program's curriculum and requirements.