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American Studies Minor

Exploring American culture past and present

American Studies provides students with an opportunity to explore the rich diversity of the United States of America – its people and its cultures. Students develop a perspective on America that is broader than the perspective of any one discipline; and, by analyzing American culture and society, they can better understand their own experiences and those of other Americans past and present.

Be it history, literature, music, philosophy, politics, religion, or sociology, all the courses in the program focus on some aspect of the experience of living and working in America. The program also provides students with an understanding of the various aspects of American culture: elite and popular, written and oral, audio and visual.

There is rich diversity in multicultural America. 

In keeping with Loyola's commitment to liberal education and broadening opportunities for students to study and understand the rich diversity of a multicultural America, a minor in American studies seeks to help students integrate their work from many different courses. The minor familiarizes students with the various perspectives that different disciplines bring to the study of American life and culture and helps them develop a methodology for studying the United States of America.


See an overview of the program's curriculum and requirements.


Amistad Research Center: The Amistad Center at Tulane University offers excellent resources for students studying African-American issues. The center, located on Tulane's campus, is open to Loyola students for research and study.

Student Opportunities

Study Abroad: There are two exchange programs that offer special opportunities to American Studies minors: Keele University in England, and Nijmegen University in The Netherlands. Both universities have very strong American Studies programs, and we have spaces for four students at Keele and for three students at Nijmegen. Students must apply for places in these exchange programs in the fall prior to the spring they wish to attend.