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Nathan Ament

Chief Enrollment Officer


  • Admissions


Hometown: Yorkville, IL

Where did you go to college? Augustana College (IL) for bachelor's in music education and Saint Mary's University of MN for masters in organizational leadership

What were you involved in while you were in college? band, band, and more band...

Best piece of college advice: Visit, visit, will know your college when you see it.

Favorite restaurant in New Orleans: So far, in my short time in NOLA, Tableaux in the French Quarter - great views and great food! 

As Louis Armstrong famously asked, "Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?" Having moved from the north (Chicago), every time I land in NOLA, I feel the pull of why this city calls people home.

What makes Loyola different than other schools? New Orleans...hands down, this city is like no other.

Favorite Loyola event/tradition? Again, being from the north, the Sneaux festival makes me smile.

Favorite place on Loyola's campus: I love the Palm Court - it's relaxing and busy all at the same time.