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Kure Croker

Special Collections Registrar & Archivist



  • Monroe Library
  • Monroe Library
  • Special Collections and Archives


Kure Croker is the Special Collections Registrar & Archivist at the Monroe Library at Loyola University. She manages collections and historic university archives, provides reference and research services, curates and designs physical and online exhibitions, processes, preserves, and describes collections, as well as oversees permission requests, donations, and student workers. She was awarded a Strength in Diversity grant by Loyola's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee (DEIC) to fund the event/lecture that accompanied the exhibit Janet Mary Riley: A Voice for Social Justice in Louisiana, in 2018.

Before Loyola, Kure was an Information Supervisor for the Brooklyn Public Library, focused on adult education and outreach, branch programming, and awarded a 2013 Lifetime Arts Creative Aging grant. She has also worked with the New York Transit Museum as a photographs archivist, digitizing and cataloging thousands of images of land-based public transportation systems in the New York metropolitan region, and with New York University's Goldsmith Preservation and Conservation Department as a film preservation intern.

Preceding Kure’s library science career, she worked as a specialty photo printer, tutor, and baker. Creative projects include documentary filmmaking, music, and still photography. Academic and creative inquiries exploring the relationships between place, memory, and the ephemeral are ongoing pursuits.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Registers Special Collections & Archives and University Archives collections.

  • Tracks all movement of collections in house and on loan assuring exact

  • Maintains detailed physical and digital records for collections.

  • Oversees collection development and reference requests for University Archives.

  • Collaborates with the Special Collections & Archives Team on the curation and
    presentation of physical and online exhibits.

  • Manages student employees and coordinates student projects.

  • Processes collections, prepares and maintains finding aids and coordinates
    original cataloging using best practices and standards including DACS, EAD and

  • Expedites reproduction and permissions requests, including copyright.

  • Provides reference and research support services to students, faculty, staff, and
    the public in person and remotely.

  • Creates research and reference guides for resources.

  • Promotes the Archives and its collections, including onsite activities and online
    social media outreach.

  • Monitors preservation and conservation activities within Special Collections &
    Archives, including re-housing materials and monitoring condition of items on

Library Teams

  • Special Collections & Archives Team