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Jamileh Beik Mohammadi

Assistant Professor


  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • Physics


Dr. Jamileh Beik Mohammadi obtained her Ph.D. from The University of Alabama in 2017 and was a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Center for Quantum Phenomena at New York University from 2018 to 2019. Her research is in the area of magnetism and spintronics. She utilizes experimental methods and theoretical modeling to design and characterize magnetic thin films and multilayers. The application of these studies is in spintronic devices such as magnetic sensors in GPS systems and magnetic random-access memories. Her research aims to exploit the magnetic properties of materials used in these devices, to understand the underlying physics and improve their performance.

Recent Publications

Spin-torque switching mechanisms of perpendicular magnetic tunnel junction nanopillars,
J Beik Mohammadi, AD Kent, Applied Physics Letters 118 (13), 132407 (2021)

Micromagnetic instabilities in spin-transfer switching of perpendicular magnetic tunnel junctions, N Statuto, J Beik Mohammadi, AD Kent, Physical Review B 103 (1), 014409 (2021)

Ferromagnetic Resonance Study of the Verwey Phase Transition of Magnetite Thin Film on MgGaO (001) Substrate, A Srivastava, AV Singh, JB Mohammadi, C Mewes, A Gupta, T Mewes, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 56 (2020)

Limitations of the macrospin approximation of materials with inhomogeneous perpendicular anisotropy, A Sapkota, A Rai, A Pokhrel, JB Mohammadi, M Li, D Lau, M D Graef, V Sokalski, T Mewes, C Mewes, J. Appl. Phys. 128 , 073910 (2020)

Enhancement in Thermally Generated Spin Voltage at the Interfaces between Pd and NiFe2O4 Films Grown on Lattice-Matched Substrates, A Rastogi, Z Li, AV Singh, S Regmi, Tobias Peters, Panagiota Bougiatioti, D Carsten né Meier, JB Mohammadi, B Khodadadi, T Mewes, R Mishra, J Gazquez, AY Borisevich, Z Galazka, R Uecker, Günter Reiss, Timo Kuschel, A Gupta, Phys. Rev. Appl. 14, 014014 (2020)

Reduced Exchange Interactions in Magnetic Tunnel Junction Free Layers with Insertion Layers, J. Beik Mohammadi, B. Kardasz, G. Wolf, Y. Chen, M. Pinarbasi, A. D. Kent, ACS Appl. Electron. Mater. 1, 2025 (2019)

Studies of electrical and magnetic properties across the Verwey transition in epitaxial magnetite thin films, A. V. Singh, A. Srivastava, J.B. Mohammadi, U. Bhat, R. Datta, T. Mewes, A. Gupta, J. Appl. Phys. 126, 093902 (2019)

Ferromagnetic resonance study of interfacial perpendicular anisotropy in NiFe/Ru and NiFe/SiO2 interfaces, J. Beik Mohammadi, G. Mankey, C. K. A. Mewes, T. Mewes, Journal of Applied Physics 125, 023901 (2019)

Nonvolatile ionic modification of the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction, L Herrera Diez, YT Liu, DA Gilbert, M Belmeguenai, J Vogel, S Pizzini, E Martinez, A Lamperti, JB Mohammedi, A Laborieux, Y Roussigné, AJ Grutter, E Arenholtz, P Quarterman, B Maranville, S Ono, M Salah El Hadri, R Tolley, EE Fullerton, L Sanchez-Tejerina, A Stashkevich, SM Chérif, AD Kent, D Querlioz, J Langer, B Ocker, D Ravelosona, Phys. Rev. Appl. 12, 034005 (2019)

Unidirectional and uniaxial anisotropies in the MnN/CoFeB exchange bias system, Anish Rai, Mareike Dunz, Arjun Sapkota, Philipp Zilske, Jamileh Beik Mohammadi, Markus Meinert, Claudia Mewes, Tim Mewes, J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 485, 374-380 (2019)

Inhomogeneous perpendicular magnetic anisotropy as a source of higher-order quasi-static and dynamic anisotropies, J. Beik Mohammadi, K. Cole, C. K. A. Mewes, T. Mewes, Phys. Rev. B 97, 014434 (2018)

Broadband ferromagnetic resonance characterization of anisotropies and relaxation in exchange-biased IrMn/CoFe bilayers, J. Beik Mohammadi, J. M. Jones, S. Paul, B. Khodadadi, C. K. A. Mewes, T. Mewes, C. Kaiser, Phys. Rev. B 95, 064414 (2017)

Bulk single crystal-like structural and magnetic characteristics of epitaxial spinel ferrite thin films with elimination of antiphase boundaries, A. V. Singh, B. Khodaddadi, J. Beik Mohammadi, S. Keshavarz, T. Mewes, D. S. Negi, R. Datta, Z. Galazka, R. Uecker, and A. Gupta, Adv. Mater. 2017, 1701222 (2017)

Interlayer exchange coupling in asymmetric Co−Fe/Ru/Co−Fe trilayers investigated with broadband temperature-dependent ferromagnetic resonance, B. Khodadadi, J. Beik Mohammadi, J. M. Jones, C. K.A. Mewes, T. Mewes, C. Kaiser, Phys. Rev. Applied 8, 014024 (2017)

Enhanced spin pumping near a magnetic ordering transition, B. Khodadadi, J. Beik Mohammadi, C. K. A. Mewes, T. Mewes, M. Manno, J. Walter, C. Leighton, and C. W. Miller, Phys. Rev. B 96, 054436 (2017)


Ph.D., The University of Alabama